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With Consumer Advocacy Grant, Five Local REALTOR® Associations and the New York State Association of REALTORS® Campaign for Reasonable Electrification and Emissions Reduction Recommendations

When the New York State Climate Action Council recommended extreme building-electrification requirements – including prohibiting natural gas service to existing and new buildings as of 2024 – REALTORS® launched a consumer education and awareness campaign to help convince lawmakers in ten Senate swing districts to temper the proposed mandates....

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New York REALTORS® Turn Smart Growth Challenge into Opportunity

The eight neighborhoods comprising Bronx Community Board 9 (BXCB9) are 22% denser in population than the Bronx overall, and have very little vacant land available to develop. Using a series of Smart Growth Action Grants, the Bronx-Manhattan North Association of REALTORS® partnered with BXCB9 to develop a comprehensive plan, and…...

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