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All Eyes on Congress

September 2021

September is known for a return to normal routines as summer comes to a close. However, this September in Congress will be anything but routine.

NAR will continue to be on the front lines, fighting for REALTOR® priorities every step of the way.

President Biden’s Build Back Better plan is set for a vote this month. NAR has been advocating on a wide array of issues in both the bipartisan infrastructure legislation and budget reconciliation bill, from protecting 1031 like-kind exchanges to investing in the nation’s housing stock and increasing affordable housing around the country.

On top of voting on these major legislative packages, Congress faces a September 30th deadline to fund the government. Likely to be tied in with those negotiations is a looming need to raise the debt ceiling. The debate on these issues is expected to be contentious and challenging.

And if those agenda items weren’t enough, the National Flood Insurance Program authorization expires September 30th. NAR continues to advocate for comprehensive NFIP reform and long-term authorization.

Additionally, NAR will keep working throughout September to speed the flow of rental assistance funds made available to states. Within the past year, NAR has helped secure nearly $50 billion in rental assistance through two COVID-19 relief bills.

When the Supreme Court ended the CDC’s eviction moratorium at the end of August, it brought needed relief to the country’s mom-and-pop housing providers, who have faced financial hardship for more than a year. Now the focus can fully turn to ensuring rental assistance is readily accessible to tenants and housing providers.

The stage is set for a consequential and chaotic September. Our advocacy team has worked diligently in recent months to educate lawmakers on the REALTOR® priorities that will be front and center in these negotiations.

Now, as all eyes turn to Congress, NAR will ensure the REALTOR® voice is heard – and keep you informed on the latest developments that affect our members and the real estate industry.



  1. REPLY
    Yours says

    Keep Fighting for the Truly Best Things For Realtors and Clients!!! Please pleaseeee

  2. REPLY
    Joyce McMahan says

    Thank you very much!

  3. REPLY
    Char says

    I am ever so grateful for the watchdogs in Washington, working on our behalf.

  4. REPLY
    Tomachia says

    So proud to be apart of such a prestigious organization!

  5. REPLY
    JP says

    We need to fight all of this spending and tax hikes. Raising the Capital Gains tax is worse that the changes in the 1031 Exchange rules. Please fight for the defeat of all these spending and tax increases as all Americans will be harmed.

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