Rural Outreach Initiative: Resiliency & Sustainability

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Weather and climate related events present challenges from hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, landslides, and extreme snowfall, but also from sea level rise, drought, heat waves, water scarcity, and food security.

News & Resources

  • Hope After Disaster: Rural resilience and recovery – Wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters leave serious damage in their wake and can cause housing crises.  No community is immune, but rural areas can experience greater challenges due to a lack of existing disaster recovery infrastructure and fewer local organizations with capacity.  The latest issue of Rural Voices magazine provides perspectives on disaster recovery.
  • USDA to Provide $150 Million to Help Rural Communities Affected by Natural Disasters: USDA is making $150 million in grants available through the Community Facilities Program to help rural communities continue their recovery from the devastating effects of hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters.
  • Potential tax relief for storm-damaged property owners in Ohio:  Ohio REALTORS wish to highlight a state law (ORC 319.38) which gives County Auditors the authority to reduce the value of properties that have suffered damage or been destroyed. A reduction in property value could result in lower real estate taxes for the property until it has been restored to its prior condition or value.
  • Flood InsuranceThe House passed a two-week extension through June 14, preventing an NFIP lapse. The bill (S. 1693) heads to the White House for presidential signature. Once Congress returns from recess, the House is expected to clear the disaster aid package, H.R. 2157, that will extend the flood insurance program through the Sept. 30. NAR is coordinating with a coalition of industry groups. Read our most recent coalition letter.

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