Smart Growth Grant Activities Ideas

Smart Growth Grant Activities Ideas

The following activities help create or improve systems, programs and policies that enables and induces development that follows the 10 Smart Growth Principles. Use these ideas for inspiration and if you have an idea but are not sure if it is eligible for a grant, contact Hugh Morris at 202-383-1278.

Level 1 – Smart Growth Grant Ideas

Smart Growth Class: Host NAR’s Smart Growth for the 21st Century Class or other course focusing on Smart Growth and/or Land Use, Development and Growth.

Expert Speaker: Bring in a speaker who can address specific growth and land use issues impacting your community.

Placemaking Training: Host an event to bring in a speaker to discuss Placemaking or give a training on how to initiate a placemaking project.

Level 2 – Smart Growth Grant Ideas

Land Use/Community Plans: Work with an expert to develop or updated a general, master, comprehensive, land use, park/open space, or bicycle/pedestrian, plan.

Visioning & Planning: Bring in a consultant to conduct a charette, Better Block, Main Street Analysis, Walkable Community Workshop/Audit, Placemaking Visioning Session.

Policies/Ordinances/Legislation: Contribute to the development of new or updates policies, ordinances or legislation impacting land use, development and other Smart Growth tenets.

Studies & Reports: Partner with an expert to conduct a Market Analysis, Land Use Analysis, Feasibility Study, etc.

Conferences & Forums: Support and engage in a conference or event that focuses on growth and development and Smart Growth issues.

Level 3 – Smart Growth Grants

Approved activities must be comprehensive, have a broad community reach, significant REALTOR® involvement, and must include working with at least one non-REALTOR® partner organization that is making a financial contribution to the activity.

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