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Historic Election, Strong Night for REALTORS®

November 2020

The 2020 Election was definitely one for the books. There was record-breaking early voter turnout nationally as well as for REALTORS®, and a candidate who received the most votes ever cast for a presidential candidate. Overall, REALTORS® had a great election night!

On the federal level, we used considerable resources to run 83 opportunity races, which are member-focused political communications, and 12 independent expenditures directed to the general public. While we are still waiting for results, we are proud to report that we won 65 for our opportunity races and 5 independent expenditure campaigns.

It was exciting to see 70 REALTORS® who ran for office, and, to date, we can confirm 41 have won, two are headed to run-off races, and 7 are still too close to call. On the state and local levels, we supported 459 independent expenditures, or candidate campaigns, in 2020, 284 of which were decided on election night. So far, we have won 174 of those races.

Now our Issues Mobilization Program was used to support 16 ballot initiatives. These grants ranged from $4.8 million for the effort by the California Association of REALTORS® to pass Proposition 19 to increasing the portability of property tax rates, to $5,000 for Alabama’s Baldwin Association’s efforts supporting a transportation bond initiative. Overall the pro-REALTOR® position prevailed or is leading in 8 measures.

We want to take a minute to recognize our RPAC investors, Major Investors and President’s Circle members as well as our Corporate Ally Program partners. Your investment has had an impact on all three levels of government – an impact that we are still realizing in some cases. That investment in the REALTORS Political Action Committee allowed us to advance public policies and candidates that build strong communities, protect property interests, and promote a vibrant business environment. Thank you for investing in the future of our industry, our businesses, and our communities.







  1. REPLY
    Angela J. Couseillant, P.A. says

    Congratulations on our success and thank you sincerely for all of the courageous efforts involved!

  2. REPLY
    Jeffrey S Smith says

    I would like to know if my dues is going to support candidates that do not share my values. Please provide a list

  3. REPLY
    wade foltz says

    I would like to know who we supported for president. I wish you could give all Realtors the answer.

    • Realtor Party
      REALTOR Party says

      Thank you for your comment Wade. NAR does not support presidential candidates.

  4. REPLY
    Brenda Free says

    The election is not over. Recounts are taking place and the MSM does not have the authority to call race.

  5. REPLY
    Kathie Kennedy says

    Did NAR support a presidential candidate with $$$$$?

    • Realtor Party
      REALTOR Party says

      Kathy, NAR does not contribute to presidential candidates.

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