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REALTOR® Party Leaders Plan for 2020

December 2019

Last week, more than 500 REALTOR® Party leaders gathered in Austin, Texas, for the 2020 REALTOR® Party Training Conference. This conference was special for a number of reasons. While it was a great opportunity to connect and network, this annual conference is also an opportunity for us to understand the vital role that each of us plays in shaping the future of the real estate industry and making homeownership a reality for all. One of the key takeaways from this event was out Three Pillars document.

As we close out our celebration of the 50th anniversary of RPAC, these three pillars — REALTORS® are champions of homeownership; fight to protect private property rights; and are community leaders — outline our advocacy focus to ensure 50-plus more years of future success.

REALTORS® are champions of home and property ownership.

No one knows how home and property ownership can change lives and communities like REALTORS®. That’s why it is crucial that we work to ensure that consumers understand that REALTORS® are their best allies in fulfilling the American dream of property ownership, and that owning a home is more in reach than they think.

As a key to facilitating real estate transactions, we will continue to protect the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage, and ensure mortgage availability for responsible, creditworthy Americans nationwide, particularly first-time buyers.

REALTORS® fight to protect private property rights.

Rent control…short-term rentals…fair housing…environmental changes… and a host of real estate and income tax issue, these are just of the few the issues facing the real estate industry and private property owners. One of our 2020 strategic priorities is to implement new strategies and approaches to protect private property rights. NAR, REALTOR® associations, and REALTORS® should be working with like-minded organizations, lawmakers, and regulatory agencies on all levels of government to safeguard against threats to private property rights and address housing affordability and supply.

Not all of us will be asked to participate on the same level, but it’s equally important that each of us own who we are by telling our story to state and local lawmakers and regulators. We all have a role in participating in the process.

Whether that’s responding to calls for action or participating in a community planning meeting, it is up to us all to help cultivate politically engaged and knowledgeable REALTORS® who are ready to mobilize and amplify our voice when needed, elect REALTOR® Champions to office, and help pass legislation.

REALTORS® are community leaders.

We have a vested interest in creating better places to live and improving the quality of life for residents. We also drive community and economic development by advocating for smart policies at the local, state, and national level.

Economic development stimulates business and housing, which benefits us all. Our friend Tracy Kasper has long said, “REALTORS® know everyone!” In our personal lives we leverage our relationships for better outcomes for our clients and our businesses.

Beyond being a partner in our communities, sometimes the biggest step is coming to the table and initiating the conversation. We truly believe that only by asking the tough questions and having the sometimes uncomfortable conversations are we going to find common solutions. This is also going require hard work, but I know we are up for the challenge.

Our message is simple – and you know it: Vote, Act, and Invest.

That’s what the REALTOR® Party is about — 1.4 million members and staff working together nationwide, advancing public policies and candidates that build strong communities, protecting property interests, and promoting a vibrant business environment. No doubt, our ability to articulate the REALTOR® narrative effectively will play a huge role in the future of our businesses and our associations.

On behalf of the 2020 Leadership Team — Charlie Oppler, Leslie Rouda-Smith, John Flor, John Smaby, Christine Hansen, and Mabél Guzmán — We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season.


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