Advocacy Everywhere is designed to expand the influence of the National Association of REALTORS® and state and local REALTOR® associations on public policy at all levels and to increase REALTOR® and consumer participation in calls for action (CFA).

NAR, with our professional services, is a full-service provider that can expedite the components of a CFA, thus lowering the time commitment necessary for an association to launch and monitor a successful CFA.

Local associations no longer need to have dedicated staff trained on the latest advocacy tools and can focus on messaging and targeting, with NAR managing the technology. State associations can opt-in for these professional services or can utilize the tools and perform the basic functions of a CFA on their own.

Call For Action Request Form: Part 1
Call For Action Request Form: Part 2
REALTOR® Party Mobile Alert Text Message ONLY Request Form

Potential Professional Services Offered

Core Services

When a state or local association requires an expedited launch to an advocacy campaign, and all content materials and messaging have been completed and approved, NAR can launch and monitor a campaign with the following estimated turnaround times:

Activity Time*
Traditional CFA to REALTORS® 3-4 hours
REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts Text Messaging 1-2 hours
Broker State CFA 1 -2 days
Online Advertising 1-2 days
Patch Through Calls 1-2 days
Consumer CFA 2-3 days
CFA Reporting Dashboard 2 hours after launch










*This includes standard reporting and ongoing monitoring during the course of the campaign. All timelines listed above are based on regular business hours: 9a – 6p ET, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

Enhanced/Add-On/Custom Services

NAR can also provide additional support to improve campaign performance.  These services include:

  • Message Development
  • Enhanced Audience Targeting
  • Graphic Design and Creative Development
  • Custom Reporting

Planning Your CFA: Strategy Charts

It takes preparation to implement a successful online grassroots advocacy campaign. REALTOR® members cannot participate in a CFA campaign to contact their legislators on priority issues if your association is not ready to build out the components.

Building a CFA infrastructure means collaborating with your internal association staff teams and coalition partners to set strategic goals, take stock of your resources, assess who supports and opposes your position, identify the targeted decision makers, and decide which tactics you will use to influence the legislative process. The strategy charts linked below are designed to help streamline these discussions to make planning your CFA campaign easier.

Strategy Chart Sample
Strategy Chart Blank


Video Tutorials for State Associations:

Basic Training
Learn the basics of the system and what it takes to get a Call for Action loaded and launched.

Newsletters and Surveys
Learn about newsletter drafting and distribution tools, available resources, and survey creation.

Default Lists
Learn how to use both the NAR list and state lists to target messages to specific groups.

Providing Digital Assets & Details For VoterVoice Center Configuration
To ensure your association’s branded VoterVoice configuration is ready for action, we ask that you please share any email banner images, your most up-to-date logo/brand assets, and the required VoterVoice configuration details via the form here:

Questions? Contact Jami Sims.