How do I enroll in the Broker Involvement Program?
Sign up online and NAR staff will contact you to complete the enrollment process. Questions about your registration? Contact John Winston at 202-383-1235.

What does it cost to participate in the program?
There is no cost to join or participate.

What steps must a broker take to complete their enrollment?
Within seven days of receiving the enrollment form, NAR staff will e-mail the broker to confirm participation by asking the broker to:

  1. Verify the numbers of agents in the office(s) so we can assure the Broker Call for Action is going to the broker’s correct agent(s).
  2. E-mail NAR your company logo, if one exists.

The broker must reply to this e-mail in order to complete the enrollment process. These two pieces authorize the broker’s message to be sent to all of their agents.

Why does NAR need the broker’s company logo?
We use the brokerage’s logo on the broker Call for Action e-mails to help your agents recognize that the e-mail is coming from you. We want to ensure your messages are consistently branded.

Do I need to have a logo to participate in the Broker Involvement Program?
No. It is optional. If you do not have a logo, just tell NAR staff when they contact you. Questions about the logo? Contact John Winston at 202-383-1235.

I signed up/my broker signed up. When will the broker’s name be listed on the website?
Once the broker confirms their participation with NAR staff, there are a few manual steps that NAR staff must complete before the broker’s name is listed on the website. The state-by-state map is updated weekly.

Who from my state is in the Broker Involvement Program?
Use this map to find brokers in the program from your state (or any other).

How often is the map updated?
It is updated once a week, usually by the middle of the week.

Why do the agent counts fluctuate from month-to-month?
Agent counts vary month-to-month because agents leave the offices that are enrolled in the Broker Involvement Program.

What are my states current Broker Involvement Program agent totals?
The current report is available on the Broker Involvement Report Page.

What are the President’s Cup goals for Broker Involvement Program?
The President’s Cup report is available the first week of each month.

My state/local association has a broker-owner/manager meeting or event scheduled. Can someone from NAR come and speak about the Broker Involvement Program?
Yes. NAR’s Member Involvement Liaison or another liaison or NAR staff member are available to come to your state. To request a speaker, please complete this request form.

Is there any cost to our association to have NAR’s Member Involvement Liaison speak?
No. There is no cost. States usually reserve the liaison’s hotel.

How much time is required for a presentation about the Broker Involvement Program?
Presentations average 30 minutes, but can be customized to your event and needs.

Is there a report that shows the broker how many agents took action on a Call for Action?
Yes. There is an online broker participation report. The broker or the broker’s designated point of contact must be logged in to access your reports. Contact John Winston at 202-383-1235.

What does the broker report show?
The online broker report show four pieces of information:

  1. Call for Action (CFA) by title.
  2. A combined average participation rate total: As the broker’s company participates in more CFAs, this number averages the participation rates.
  3. Total Participants: The total number of agents from the brokerage who participated in the CFA.
  4. Agents who have NOT taken action.

How does the Broker Involvement Program know if there are changes to a broker’s agent roster?
All member data is provided to NAR by the local association. Contact the local association and have them update the agent’s information, which will automatically sync with the NAR M1 database.

How does a broker update their company logo or office address?
A broker or their office point of contact may upload a new logo or provide NAR with the new address on the Changes to Brokerage page.