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Advocacy Requires Preparation and Action

It’s August, and in the Nation’s Capital, that means it’s time for Congress to take its traditional seven-week “summer recess.” As REALTORS®, the concept of an August recess is foreign to us. We rarely take a break—not from our businesses and not from our advocacy work.

We can’t help but think of something Hall of Fame and former NFL quarterback Roger Staubach once said: Spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparation. And so we must be prepared to roll up their sleeves and take action at a moment’s notice even when Congress goes on recess.

This is why NAR is creating on new technology and tools for 2018 that will better allow us amplify our collective voice.  In the meantime, sign up for REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts by texting the word REALTOR to 30644 and read up on issues that are important to our industry. Learn about why the National Flood Insurance Program needs to be re-instated. Understand why preserving mortgage interest and property tax deductions are critical to increasing homeownership. Learn why a strong and lasting secondary mortgage financial system and effective net neutrality rules are important. Read about other federal issues on the REALTOR® Party agenda on

Elected officials look to us as the experts on issues that impact the real estate industry and private property rights.  And remember, we aren’t just business persons.  We are community activists who truly care about the neighborhoods in which we live and do business.

The stories out of Miami, Delaware and the Pacific Southwest highlighted in this issue are great examples of how REALTORS® work at every level and in multiple ways to strengthen communities.  Thank you for all you do.  It is a great honor to work shoulder to shoulder with you.

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