GADFly Newsletter – April 2024

GADFly Newsletter – April 2024

In This Issue

  • Hear from the new RPAC Fundraising Director, Michael Clark on the new RPAC team and structure
  • Register to attend the Know Before You Go RLM Webinar, April 24 at 1 p.m. ET
  • The full list of GAD meetings at RLM – Don’t forget to RSVP for the GAD Reception
  • GAD Institute registration opens May 1
  • Community Outreach grant applications are funded and reopened

Dates to Remember

A Message from the Chair

We’re just about a month out from the REALTOR® Legislative Meetings. If you’re new to GAD world, you might find yourself overwhelmed at this annual DC gathering – there’s a lot going on! Even if you’ve been around a while, this one feels a little different.

To help prepare you, mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 24, at 1 p.m. ET. We’ll join our FPCs and AEs for a “Know Before You Go” webinar. The NAR staff will present the 2024 RLM congressional talking points and have all the answers on logistics and what to expect.  Whether this is your first or fifteenth RLM … and whether you’re making the trip to DC, I urge you to attend this webinar. Our members rely on us to be knowledgeable.

There are several GAD-focused events at RLM (see details in newsletter below), but I have three asks:

  • Fill out the State and Local Breakout form with any topic you want to discuss (it really helps guide the discussion and makes for a better, more relevant session)
  • Don’t miss the in-person All-GAD meeting on May 6, and
  • If you serve on an NAR committee, be ready to give a brief committee report to GAD Nation at that meeting.

Speaking of committees, the application for 2025 NAR committees is open through May 15 – and there are lots of opportunities to serve.

Recent NAR leadership has been very generous with committee appointments to GADs – so do your part by applying for (and then being a productive member on) any one of the dozens of NAR committees. GADs frequently offer a different, valuable perspective on politics, policy, and programs. So, fill out your profile, apply for up to five committees, and get endorsement requests soon. The slots are competitive.

Whether it’s ensuring our members are prepared for Hill Visits or offering the advocacy perspective on an NAR committee, the next month offers you some great opportunities to show your value – something we’ve talked about a lot this year!

See y’all soon!


Brandon Alderete
512.573.3664 (m)


On Wed., May 1, registration for GAD Institute opens! Mark your calendars and bookmark This year, GADI will be held in Spokane, Washington, July 16-18, 2024. Questions? Contact Jami Sims (202.383.1221).

Know Before You Go – RLM Webinar

Instead of the All-GAD call, there will be a joint webinar with AEs, GADs, and FPCs on April 24, to review everything you need to know before everyone arrives in D.C. for REALTORS® Legislative Meetings. Register here.

GAD Meetings and Professional Development at RLM:

  • Sunday, May 5 
    • 1:00 – 2:00p: GAD Briefing on Federal Issues
  • Monday, May 6 
    • 1:30 – 2:30p: GAD Meeting
    • 2:30 – 3:30p: Local GAD Breakout
    • 2:30 – 3:30p: State GAD Breakout
    • 6:30 – 8:30p: GAD Reception (RSVP Here)
  • Tuesday, May 7 
    • 1:00 – 5:00p: Hill Visits
  • Wednesday, May 8 

Click here to view a list of advocacy meetings to help build your RLM agenda.

New RPAC Fundraising Team

Hello GADs!

I’m Michael Clark, NAR’s Director of RPAC Fundraising and RPAC Events. I want to introduce myself to you and let you know that our RPAC Fundraising team is here to assist you and your association with RPAC fundraising any way that we can. I’m interested in learning what makes your fundraising successful and what you need from us to take your association’s fundraising to the next level. Please reach out to me and share your thoughts.

You’ve also encountered some new names and faces on the RPAC Fundraising team in the last several months. To bring you up to speed on these staff changes, here’s a quick guide to who does what:

Jennifer Nguyen, Representative, Major Investor Fundraising
( | 202.383.1268)

  • Major Investor Grants
  • President’s Circle
  • Corporate Ally Program
  • YPN RPAC Pledge
  • Major Investor and Hall of Fame Recognition

Carlyle Smith, Representative, RPAC Fundraising Programs:
( | 202.383.1234)

  • RPAC Participation Grants
  • RPAC Brochures
  • Data Pulls
  • Aristotle Questions

I also want to pass along a link to Aristotle’s RPAC Resource Library. Here you can find user guides, best practices, and tools on the PAC Management System to better support your fundraising.

Looking forward to working with you,

Michael Clark

( | 202.383.1075)

RPAC Major Investor Recognition Deadlines 

Make sure you and your members are recognized as RPAC Major Investors by the April, October, and December deadlines! These are HARD deadlines to submit RPAC investments to the NAR Finance Office. For questions about RPAC transmittal deadlines, contact Jenn Nguyen (202.383.1268), or Debbie Frey (312.329.8565).


Grants and Resources

April is Fair Housing month! Check out the Fair Housing Toolkit

Community Outreach Grant Funding Extended!

Community Outreach Grants empower state and local REALTOR® associations to enhance communities and improve affordability and livability. Associations can access grant applications through October 15th or until capacity is reached. Explore success stories or schedule a grant planning meeting for ideas on supporting your association’s initiatives. For inquiries, reach out to Christine Windle.

GAD Directory

Don’t forget to update the GAD Directory! This ensures NAR has the latest contact information to share important updates and allows GADs to connect with each other about similar issues they may be facing.

REALTOR® Party Success Stories

Each month, state and local associations that achieved an advocacy win with the help of a REALTOR® Party grant or resources are highlighted in the REALTOR® Party Success Stories. April’s success stories include:

Celebrating GAD Achievements

Congratulations to Marlo Paventi who was recognized in City & State New York’s 2024 Who’s Who in Government Relations list for her incredible work with the Long Island Board of REALTORS® and its consumer site focusing on fair housing,

Submit your own victories or share your fellow GADs’ wins with Jami Sims to be included in future editions of GADFly. Don’t just move onto the next issue ahead; celebrate your wins, big and small! 

Upcoming NAR Events

Plan for 2024 NAR Events

Check out the list of 2024 events here to save the date for upcoming conferences.

  • REALTORS® Legislative Meetings (RLM) | Washington D.C.
    May 4-9, 2024 | Click here to register.
  • GAD Institute (GADI) | Spokane, WA
    Save the Date: July 16-18, 2024 | Registration Opens May 1, 2024.

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