GADFly Newsletter – July 2020

GADFly Newsletter – July 2020

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Dates & Deadlines

July 31: Can’t Get Enough Professional Development?! Learn to Leverage Social Media
Then join us this Friday (9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET) for Leveraging Social Media – Ways to Easily and Effectively Reach Your Audience! Social media presents unique opportunities for REALTOR® associations. Join us to learn some best practices and what to keep in mind when leveraging social media to reach REALTORS® and consumers, including addressing inappropriate online comments. NAR staff leads will share the value of NAR’s Social Media Ambassadors Program as well as how to personalize and share the “That’s Who We R” and the new Fair Housing campaign assets on your social media accounts through NAR+ Photofy app. Associations can even create their own branded asset galleries!

Aug. 11: Stabilizing and Revitalizing Neighborhoods in the COVID-19 Era Webinar Series
Local government and REALTORS® are the perfect partners to prevent property vacancy and abandonment. Join us for Stabilizing and Revitalizing Neighborhoods in the COVID-19 Era, a four-part webinar series, beginning August 11 at 2:00 PM ET, that will explore the roles of REALTORS® as partners with local government to prevent property vacancy and abandonment as communities develop strategies to navigate the aftermath of COVID-19. Learn more and register.

Sept. 9: How the Land Use Initiative Lends ‘Horsepower’ to Advocacy Webinar
The Land Use Initiative has enabled state and local REALTORS® associations to influence public policy for more than 20 years. Join us on Sept. 9 at 2:00 PM ET to hear details on how to successfully use the program and an analysis of recent issue trends by NAR’s consultant Robinson & Cole. Gain insight from an expert panel on two top issues analyzed — tenant protection and short-term rental measures — and how the analyses highlighted areas of concern leading to successful outcomes. Register for the event. For more information, contact Holly Moskerintz at 202-383-1157.

Advocacy Resources

Interactive REALTOR® Party Resource Guide Available
Get the latest updates and information on advocacy grants, programs, resources, and educational opportunities with the Interactive REALTOR® Party Resource Guide. A new design, dynamic search functions, and integrated Realtor Party Tracker data offer a complete view of the Realtor Party at work in communities nationwide. Bookmark this invaluable online resource today. For more information, contact Brandon Maddox at 202-383-1043.

Independent Expenditure Campaigns Reminder
With everything going on, it’s easy to forget that elections are still being held this year. Remember that timing is key. If you want mail or online ads to support a candidate, we need applications approved a least six weeks prior to Election Day. If you want polling, we need to you to complete a polling request ASAP. If you have REALTOR® Champions you’d like to support for state or local office, please contact Mitchell Norton to discuss a possible independent expenditure campaign.

Issues Mobilization Program Reminder
Throughout the country, measures that impact REALTORS® and the real estate industry are qualifying for the ballot. Although it has been a surprisingly active year so far considering the circumstances, the Issues Mobilization Program has grant funds remaining that can help you undertake a campaign to support or oppose a state or local ballot measure. If you are interested in NAR assistance on an issue campaign, ballot measure or otherwise, now is the time to connect with us.  The earlier you reach out, the better able we are to provide the assistance that you need.  For more information, contact Joe Maheady at 202-383-1006 or John Winston at 202-383-1235.

COVID-19 Real Estate Industry Impact Watch Report
FOCUS, NAR’s vendor for State and Local Policy tracking, is now providing a Real Estate Industry Impact Watch Report on several COVID-19 real estate topics including remote online notarization, real estate licensure, eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, real estate showing
guidelines, short-term rentals, fair housing, and landlord/tenant. The first issue was released on July 16 and will be produced every two weeks. You can find the report linked on our State and Local Coronavirus page on Contact Melissa Horn with any questions at 202-383-1026.

Lead the Effort to Rebuild and Restore
A new Community Rebuilding Grant provides additional resources that state and local associations can use to be a part of the healing and rebuilding process within communities. Associations may apply for up to $3,000 to clean up and repair public community spaces impacted by demonstrations in response to racial injustice such as parks, playgrounds, pedestrian plazas, walk-ways/sidewalks and buildings including graffiti. Learn more how REALTOR® associations are using the grant and to be a part of the healing process. For more information, contact Holly Moskerintz at 202-383-1157.

Can I get a REALTOR® Party Community Outreach Grant for that? Online Coaching Sessions Offered
Associations are encouraged to sign-up for a 30-minute one-on-one Community Outreach Coaching via Zoom to brainstorm ways to address affordable housing challenges, community planning and development issues, revitalization opportunities and fair housing education and beyond using a Community Outreach Grant. Includes critical steps to success for developing grant ideas and how to write a compelling application. For more information, contact Christine Windle at 202-383-1135.

RPAC & the Law: Webinar Recording
As you plan new and creative virtual fundraising efforts this year, don’t forget to keep it legal! Check out our webinar recording for information on soliciting investments and auction items from affiliates and members, promoting your events, and other compliance issues. For more information, contact Liz Demorest at 202-383-1061.

NAR’S Economic Outlook

Comparing Mortgage Payment Status by State
NAR has analyzed the ability of mortgage holders to meet their mortgage payments by state, age group, and income.
Contract Terminations Fall to 7% in June 2020 as Jobs Recover
As jobs recover, the fraction of purchase contract terminations has started to decline again.
Instant Reaction: Latest Mortgage Rates and Unemployment Filings
Interest rates inched up slightly, to 3.02% on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, but they are essentially at near-record-low levels. The housing market is hot because of the lower mortgage rates, but the luxury market may remain soft due to jumbo loan issues.
First-time Home Buyer Share Rose to 35% in June 2020 as Mortgage Rates Hit Record Lows
The share of first-time buyers increased in March through June—right into the heart of the pandemic period and the surge in unemployment—and is now trending higher than the 29% to 32% average in past years since 2012.
Price Differential to Help Drive Office Demand to Suburbs
Suburban office space acquisitions have been on the rise since 2017, but this trend may pick up as a result of social distancing and increased opportunity to work from home.

For more information on NAR’s Economic Outlook, contact Meredith Dunn at 202-383-1207.

Kelli Starrett
GAD Chair
New Orleans Metropolitan Association Of REALTORS®

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to step outside of our comfort zones. Since March we’ve become experts on everything from unemployment assistance to Zoom candidate interviews. But nothing was further outside of our comfort zones than planning our first virtual GAD Institute. It was a smashing success, thanks to some special folks:

Thank you to Christina Garavaglia and Jim MacGregor for pulling all the pieces together. Thanks also to the team behind the scenes, especially Beth Brittingham and Vanessa Lopez, for ensuring all the tech pieces went off without a hitch. And thank you to Gerry Allen and Bill Malkasian for your continued support of GAD Nation.

All the credit for the phenomenal programming goes to your 2019-2020 Advisory Group. They absolutely crushed it, coordinating speakers, holding practice runs, and pivoting in early March to make sure each session was relevant to our changing needs. Outstanding job!

To our outgoing GAD Chair, Julia Parenteau: You rode out so many waves but were never afraid to make your own. Thank you for guiding us with grace, wit, wisdom, and love; for being the fierce leader we needed; and for being my friend. Congratulations on a great year!

Finally, thank you to YOU. What does a successful GAD Institute look like? It looks like more than 340 attendees for our opening session with Doris Kearns Goodwin. It looks like a great dialogue with NAR CEO Bob Goldberg and President Vince Malta on some tough topics. Most importantly, it looks like $23,500 raised for the United Way’s COVID-19 fund through GADs Give Back. Thank you for showing up, and for stepping up, in such impressive ways.

Where do we go from here?
First, I want to again congratulate our new Vice Chair, Brad Ward. I have no doubt he will do a fantastic job and I look forward to working together to keep propelling GAD Nation forward.

Next, I encourage you to apply for the GAD Advisory Group to join the team planning the next Institute. We’re going to Denver and are looking for a great mix of GADs – local and state, metro and rural, small to mega boards – to develop the content that keeps us ahead of the curve.

To keep the Institute momentum going, we’ll be having monthly GAD Zoom calls, and we always welcome your topic suggestions. Also make sure you’re plugged in on the HUB and the GAD Facebook group to continue to share ideas, questions, and advice with each other.

I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months will bring. I have no doubt that we’ll continue living outside of our comfort zones, but outside of your comfort zone is where great things happen.

Splash, splash!


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