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REALTOR Party News – January 2019

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REALTOR® Advocacy Continues Despite Government Shutdown

Despite the federal government shutdown, we continue to work with congressional leaders and White House officials to minimize impacts of the shutdown on the housing market, and to ensure our 1.3 million members across the country are equipped with every resource necessary to continue operating as usual.

By The Numbers


The percentage of REALTORS® whose buyer decided not to buy due to general economic uncertainty, even though they were not a federal government employee. Eleven percent of member respondents of NAR’s recent Federal Government Shutdown Survey also reported that  the federal government shutdown did have an impact on current clients, and 11 percent on potential clients.
The date of the partial shutdown of the federal government. This includes some federal housing, mortgage, and other programs of interest to the real estate industry. Stay tuned to this summary to see the latest impact  on selected government agencies.
The year the population threshold of 35,000 to qualify for the Rural Housing Service programs will expire. It was expected to rise in 2020, along with new Census figures, but NAR and other groups asked that the change be delayed because so many communities stood to lose their rural eligibility.

The REALTOR® Party At Work

Highlighted here are a few of the many REALTOR® Party success stories across the nation. These and others are catalogued in the Success Stories section on


Local Maryland Association Takes Bold, Successful Step into Politics

This past election cycle, the Bay Area Association of REALTORS® decided it was time to take a more active role in choosing their politicians. With the help of the REALTOR® Party, the association developed a savvy selection committee that interviewed dozens of candidates, endorsed several, and achieved a whopping success rate.


With Advocacy Everywhere, Illinois REALTORS® Rally Peoria Voters against New “Parcel Tax” on Property Owners

The city of Peoria, Ill., was attempting to bridge a budget gap by imposing a new tax on property owners. With help from the state association, REALTORS® used Advocacy Everywhere to call voters’ attention to the threat and encourage calls of opposition to the City Council. Overwhelmed by the volume, the Council agreed to a compromise.


Greater Greenville REALTORS® Promote “Missing Middle” Housing with Housing Opportunity Grant

Greenville, S.C., faces a significant shortage of affordable housing, and the existing supply is diminishing rapidly. Using a Housing Opportunity Grant, local REALTORS® co-hosted a Housing Forum to show policy makers how they could break down barriers to developing housing in the essential “missing middle” range.

Resources & Opportunities


Economic Impact of Real Estate State-by-State

Wondering how the housing market in your state affects the local economy? State-by-State Economic Impact of Real Estate Activity reports outline the total impact of real estate–related industries on the state economy, as well as the expenditures that result from a single home sale.


On Common Ground, Winter 2019: The Evolving Form of Housing

The nation’s economic recovery appears to be firing on all cylinders, except one: housing. Housing supply and affordability have not kept up with demand, falling victim to labor shortages, regulations, and materials cost and supply. This edition of On Common Ground reviews the imbalance of the nation’s housing supply. It explores the causes and possible solutions, including emerging types of housing that show promise for delivering much-needed affordable housing.


2019 REALTOR® Party Resource Guide

Check out the 2019 REALTOR® Party Association Resource Guide to learn about resources for community outreach, candidate and issue campaigns, RPAC and political fundraising, member and consumer mobilization, and much more. Also, review the programs and resources that qualify for the new Vote, Act, and Invest Core Standards’ requirements.


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