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REALTOR Party News – December 2018

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REALTOR® Party Leaders Plan for 2019

Nearly 600 REALTOR® Party leaders gathered in in Minneapolis for the 2019 REALTOR® Party Training Conference for REALTORS® to Participate Advocate and Celebrate! Leaders in their purple REALTOR® Party shirts kicked off this conference with the 50th anniversary of RPAC. During the two-day event, they also laid the foundation for advocacy outreach efforts in each state and region throughout 2019, and previewed the federal policy priorities.

By The Numbers


The number of top federal policy priorities for 2019. They are infrastructure, federal taxation, access to credit, health insurance, flood insurance, and technology. The priorities were developed using a process that included a member survey and feedback from REALTORS® serving on the NAR Public Policy Coordinating Committee. Also check out the state legislative priorities survey results and map.
The new funding deadline for the National Flood Insurance Program. On Dec. 6, The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate passed a two-week program extension to avoid a funding lapse. NAR analysts say the next extension could be part of a long-term funding agreement, potentially running through September 2019.


The number of years between the landmark Supreme Court case Shelley v. Kramer and the Fair Housing Act. The Shelley House in St. Louis was the property at the center of the case. In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, St. Louis REALTORS® engaged into local projects benefiting underserved communities with grants from the REALTOR® Party and Missouri REALTORS®.

The REALTOR® Party At Work

Highlighted here are a few of the many REALTOR® Party success stories across the nation. These and others are catalogued in the Success Stories section on


Greensboro REALTORS® Tackle Additions to City Zoning Code

When a fatal apartment fire triggered a knee-jerk reaction from the City Council to amend the municipal zoning code, the Greensboro Regional Association of REALTORS® used the REALTOR® Party’s Land Use Initiative to commission a thorough analysis of the changes. The report informed significant changes to the language, and the REALTORS® continue to work with the lawmakers to refine and improve it


Hawaii REALTORS® Improve Public Education without Property Tax Surcharges

Hawaii REALTORS® want high quality public education throughout their state, which suffers from extremely high teacher-turnover. But this fall, they led the charge against a ballot measure that would allow for the creation of a property tax surcharge on residential investment properties to fund the Department of Education. And then they redoubled their focus on affordable housing.


South Carolina REALTORS® Commission Analysis of Questionable Proposed Legislation

In South Carolina’s 2018 legislative session, three separate pieces of legislation raised red flags for the South Carolina REALTORS®. With the REALTOR® Party’s Land Use Initiative program, the REALTORS® requested an analysis of all three, and got the answers they needed to act and plan for the future.

Resources & Opportunities


REALTORS® Are Generous with Their Time, Money According to New CARE Report

Eighty-two percent of REALTORS® donate money to charitable causes every year, compared to the national average of 56.6 percent of Americans who do so, according to a new report from NAR. The Community Aid and Real Estate Report, known as the CARE Report, provides insight on the monetary and volunteer contributions that general members, broker-owners, and association and MLS staff.


What REALTORS® Need to Know About the New Tax Law

Tax season is coming. Be sure to watch NAR’s video series on how last year’s tax law changes affect your business income and other aspects of your taxes. The series offers guidance for individuals and families filing tax returns, the tax incentives of owning a home, as well as business tax changes for REALTORS®.


New Short-Term Rental Resources

Some state and local governments are adopting regulations designed to “rein in” short-term rentals and address their perceived impacts on residential neighborhoods. This regulation has a significant impact on property owners’ rights. Review these Advocacy Tips to Protect the Right to Rent in case this issue comes up in your community, and compare state regulations and tax rates for short-term rentals.


Real Estate Sign Regulations after Reed: Analysis and Strategic Guidance Paper

Signs are critical to the real estate industry. The display of real estate signs is subject to the changing rules of local governments . This new Guidance Paper will help you (i) understand the extent to which local governments can control or restrict real estate signs and (ii) how to work with local governments to be Reed-compliant while allowing for real estate signage.


9,500+ Members Have Already Begun Their C2EX Journey

NAR’s Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) empowers REALTORS® to evaluate, enhance, and showcase the highest levels of professionalism. Taking self-assessments to measure proficiency in each of the elements of professionalism, the platform will generate customized learning paths, recommend experiences, and provide tools and resources to increase knowledge and enhance skillsets. Get started today Get started today!


2019 REALTOR® Party Resource Guide

Check out the 2019 REALTOR® Party Association Resource Guide to learn about resources for community outreach, candidate and issue campaigns, RPAC and political fundraising, member and consumer mobilization, and much more. Also, review the programs and resources that qualify for the new Vote, Act, and Invest Core Standards’ requirements.


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