State and local REALTOR® associations around the country are taking advantage of REALTOR® Party grants and programs to step up their advocacy efforts. Take a look at the examples here for inspiration and guidance on how you can use these resources in your community.

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The state association representing Iowa’s REALTORS® knew that the negative effects of a proposed rent control bill could far outweigh the benefits. It opposed the legislation through strategic advocacy, ultimately succeeding when, on the brink of a Call For Action, the state legislature cried ‘uncle.’
A progression of Smart Growth Grants from the REALTOR® Party has been helping the Adirondack /Champlain Valley REALTORS® bring the sustainable development concept to the upstate New York region. They began with an education effort to create a groundswell of advocates and have now created a Smart Growth Developer’s Guide.
Faced with a legislative proposal that would have instituted a sales tax on services, Maryland REALTORS® launched a strong opposition focused on how the measure would increase the cost of housing at each step of development, construction, and sales. In consultation with REALTOR® Party staff, they created a Call For Action campaign that helped to kill the bill in committee.