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State and local REALTOR® Associations around the country are taking advantage of REALTOR® Party tools and resources to step up their community outreach and advocacy efforts. Their success stories expand beyond their states and cities because they inspire and set precedents. Take a look at the examples here for around the country.

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Leveraging two Housing Opportunity Grants from the REALTOR® Party, OKCMAR took action on the issue its members identified as priority #1: homelessness. Its campaign has been so compelling that the City of Oklahoma City is taking a page from the REALTORS®’ initiative, with an eye on policy solutions.
Texas REALTORS® led the way in convincing the state legislature to prohibit Home Owners Associations from barring rentals to Section 8 tenants. The new law is an assertion of the rights of owners to rent to voucher recipients – and anyone else they choose to. It also highlights the importance of the voucher program in providing decent, safe, affordable housing to the state’s most vulnerable households.
A Consumer Advocacy Outreach Grant from the REALTOR® Party helped the Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS® mount a campaign against the point-of-sale inspections required in two dozen jurisdictions in the region. Featuring a prominent insert in two top local magazines, it raised awareness about how the mandate is a barrier to homeownership and a detriment to local housing markets.