The REALTOR® Association Mobile Processor (RAMP) is a mobile-based fundraising tool and application specifically designed for RPAC fundraising.

The RAMP application is set up on a mobile phone or tablet, allowing staff to collect RPAC investments and for the investment information to be stored in the REALTOR® PAC Management System for compliance purposes seamlessly. RAMP processes all major credit cards and funds are deposited directly into the REALTOR® Association’s RPAC bank account.


  • PAC Management System
    Because RAMP is part of the REALTOR® PAC Management System, there is no need to integrate another third party system. This integration offers complete tracking and detailed reporting in concert with all other fundraising activities.
  • RAMCO, E-Commerce and NAR Member ID Integration
    RAMP’s Integration with RAMCO, E-commerce and M1 eliminates the need to manually enter data or credit card information and look up individual contributors.

To use RAMP, your association must be on the REALTOR® PAC Management System and participate in the Online Fundraising Program.


Questions? Contact Peter Kelly at 202-383-1175.