Broker Involvement Grant

Kaua`i REALTORS® Use Grant to Engage More Brokers in Advocacy

If brokerages don’t understand the value of the Broker Involvement Program, they’re not likely to join. If agents don’t realize the importance of RPAC, they’re probably not investing. That’s why Hawaii’s Kaua’i Board of REALTORS® (KBR) set out to educate and engage broker-members at a recent information-packed breakfast presentation. Supported by a REALTOR® Party Broker Involvement Program Grant, the event spelled out the importance of supporting the REALTOR® Party, and the critical role that brokerages play, as the key point of contact with their agents. By 10 a.m., 15 firms had newly signed on, representing a significant percentage of KBR’s membership of 584 REALTORS®.

KBR Government Affairs Director Chad Deal, who understands brokers’ reluctance to crowd their colleagues’ in-boxes with automated messages, developed the morning program to dispel such concerns. “We needed to assure our broker-members that the Broker Involvement Program only issues communiqués and calls for action (CFA) for major, time-sensitive, real estate issues, and doesn’t ever abuse the privilege. It was also an important opportunity for us to emphasize the way issues advocacy benefits all members,” he explains.

The program fell within the normal scheduling of KBR’s Brokers’ meetings that take place three-to-four times a year. It featured the President Elect of the Hawaii Association of REALTORS® (HAR), as well as its RPAC Chair, who had everyone in stitches with their joint comic presentation on the importance of Broker Involvement and RPAC. Deal, who himself served on the Government Affairs Committee at the state level for many years, reported on federal, state, and local issues affecting private property and the real estate industry. Shining a spotlight on a serious situation of the sort that could imminently spur a CFA, a Coastal Land Use Extension agent from the University of Hawaii Sea Grant Foundation gave a sobering update on coastal erosion. In a region where properties are already being affected by rising sea levels, the timely topic held significant interest for all program participants.

The brokers in attendance were given a video on RPAC investing produced by HAR, as well as two PowerPoint pdfs to bring back to share with their agents: one on Government Affairs, and another on the affect of the rising sea level on coastal properties. The REALTOR® Party grant also provided for gift cards that were awarded to Major Investors, and to brokers who’d already secured 100% agent participation.

The feedback after the event was fabulous, reports Deal; he has already been invited to attend several upcoming Broker Caravans to appeal to agents directly. “Our brokers were clearly surprised and impressed by their board’s level of involvement in local and state legislation,” he notes. “Many more of them now realize how necessary their involvement is, in advancing real estate issues. Our goal is to sign 100% of our broker-members on to the Broker Involvement Program, so we’ll certainly be doing this again. We’re very grateful to the REALTOR® Party for all it does — and for helping us drum up business, in return, so to speak.”

To learn more about how the Kaua`i Board of REALTORS® is engaging its members in political advocacy, contact Government Affairs Director Chad Deal, at 808-245-4049.

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Cape Fear REALTORS® Top the Broker Involvement Chart with 99% Coverage

Cape Fear REALTORS®’ Shane Johnson

Working to increase Broker Involvement Program (BIP) enrollment from 19 brokers in 2013, Cape Fear REALTORS® (CFR) COO Shane Johnson set a goal.

“We knew that enrollment drives response rates to Calls for Action,” said Johnson. “So, we set a goal of 50% enrollment for multi-agent offices.” Flash forward, after consistent effort, last fall CFR achieved 94% enrollment of all multi-office brokers, which covers 99% of all agent members. “We thought maintaining that level of involvement would be difficult, but by adding enrollment as part of the Designated Realtor® Application Form, it’s been easy. We’ve had 100% enrollment with new brokers.”

CFR was awarded a Broker Involvement Grant in 2017, and hosted a broker reception on September 5, 2017, keynoted by Susie Helm, NAR’s Vice President of State and Local Services and Advocacy Operations. At the event, speaking to the gathered brokers, she said, “based on the information I’ve seen, Cape Fear REALTORS® has one of the highest level of participation in the Broker Involvement Program nationwide I’ve seen. Great job!”

“Best of all, we’ve proven that BIP works,” said Johnson. “Due to high broker enrollment, CFR had a 41% response rate to the Tax Reform Call for Action at the end of 2017—no other association with more than 1,000 members came close to that level.”

Today, CFR has 200 brokers enrolled in BIP, which encompasses more than 29 states and U.S. territories. Anyone interested in getting a copy of the campaign and strategies used by CFR can contact Shane Johnson.

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Broker Involvement Program & Grant

Broker Involvement Program Brochure Cover

Download the Broker Involvement Brochure

Broker-owners can use this turnkey program to rally agents to bring REALTOR® Party issues to the attention of state legislatures and Congress. Enrolled broker owners/managers are able to automatically send company-branded national and state Calls for Action directly to their agents. This increases participation rates, while emphasizing the broker-owner’s leadership role as a key provider of important information to their agents.

The Broker Involvement Program offers you and your agents:

  • A Voice on Capitol Hill
    The program is an opportunity to bring a strong and united REALTOR® voice to Members of Congress. With more than 15,000 broker owners and 470,000 agents in the program, the REALTOR® voice will be heard loud and clear.
  • An Easy-to-Manage Solution
    Nothing needs to be downloaded and there is no cost to the broker. NAR gives the broker-owner or managing broker access to the Broker Portal.
  • Proven Results
    Your online participation report will show you response rates on Broker Calls for Action are significantly higher. The message is from you, the broker, to your agents. Nearly 40 percent of all responses on the Broker Calls for Action are from agents in the Broker Involvement Program. Your agents listen to you then take action!

Enroll today! Or visit the Broker Involvement Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Broker Involvement Grant

The Broker Involvement Grant allows local and state associations to create Broker activities which align with the Broker Involvement Council’s purpose: to recruit, retain, educate and engage Brokers and their agents in building a culture of advocacy. State and local associations may apply for a grant of up to $5,000 for broker recruitment and advocacy engagement purposes annually.


Grant applications are reviewed and approved by the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Broker Involvement Council and the REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee and the REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Liaison. The grant review committee is looking to see how much time is devoted to brokers; how many brokers and agents will be touched by the event; the follow-up plan; and how the event ties into advocacy and the criteria of Broker recruitment, retention, education and engagement.

Examples of what a grant could fund would include but are not limited to:

  • Broker Event or Presentation: State or local advocacy summit or meeting, legislative roundtables, recruitment contest, etc.
  • Marketing Materials: Produce and distribute advocacy engagement materials so brokers and their agents are informed on local, state and federal issues (i.e. newsletter, video, DVD)
  • Broker advocacy messaging for new member orientation

Grant Details

Application due dates for 2020: March 15, June 15, September 15

Maximum Number of Grants per Association (state or local) per Year: 1

Expiration of funds: Offer to fund proposed project expires one year from date of award approval if the proposed project has not been initiated.

Reimbursement Details: Funds will be awarded through following NAR reimbursement processes.

Questions? Contact Penelope Evans at 312-329-8267

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Arizona REALTORS® Reach More Members through Broker Involvement Program

With a goal of 100% participation in the REALTOR® Party’s Broker Involvement Program (BIP), the Arizona Association of REALTORS® (Arizona REALTORS®) is not messing around.  The numbers are ambitious, but with energetic volunteer leadership, a dedicated staff member, and the support of a new grant program from the National Association of REALTORS®, Arizona REALTORS® is approaching that goal, one broker-member at a time.

The Broker Involvement Program is a turnkey operation allowing broker-owners and managers to take a leadership role in rallying their agents to advocate for REALTOR® Party issues.  Brokers enrolled in the program can automatically send their agents company-branded calls for action from NAR and state associations, communications whose directness and brand-familiarity increase participation rates.  Ashley Slechta, the association’s REALTOR® Party Director, says the BIP is an increasingly important facet of the culture of advocacy that the association has been building in recent years.  She credits Liz Harris, her volunteer counterpart who represents Arizona REALTORS® on NAR’s Broker Involvement Council, with the steady growth of the state BIP: “We rely heavily on Liz’s direction,” says Slechta, “her drive and determination and leadership have enabled us to succeed.”

Initially, the association focused on attracting the state’s very largest brokerages to the program.   Last summer, it took its efforts to the next level with one of the REALTOR® Party’s new Broker Involvement Grants, created to promote activities that recruit, retain and educate brokers and their agents in the BIP.  The $5,000 grant funded “Like A Boss,” an engaging interactive event targeting brokers from around Arizona with more than 30 REALTORS®.  Held at a Phoenix hotel in early September, the 90-minute program fell conveniently within a two-day span of association activities and featured two dynamic speakers: Arizona Department of Real Estate Commissioner Judy Lowe and 2012 Arizona REALTORS® President Holly Mabery.

Participants ate, drank, won gift cards and networked at the reception that opened the event.  Then they settled in to learn about becoming involved in NAR’s advocacy efforts at the grassroots level by providing legislative and regulatory information to their agents.  “The key to the program was educating brokers about what the state and national associations are doing on our behalf, so that we can run our businesses,” says Harris, adding, “it came as a shock to a number of the participants who hadn’t been focused on how these issues had been playing out beyond the local level.  They were excited to take the information back to their offices.”  She notes that there is an important correlation between the goals of the Broker Involvement Program and the goals of RPAC and the various local REALTOR® PACs.  “Separating out the initiatives and calls for action provides real clarification of what the PAC funds are doing to help the industry and property owners.”  

One-hundred percent of those who attended the “Like A Boss” event joined the BIP.  In fact, ten broker-members who were unable to come, joined as well, thanks to Harris’ thorough follow-up.  “Liz was amazing,” says Slechta.  “She tracked the responses and took the initiative to call her fellow brokers who’d declined the event invitation to say, ‘Hey, let us do this for you!’  She made it easy for them to send in their company logos, and start sending their agents branded advocacy messages from NAR and our state association.”

To date, about 20,000 REALTORS® are in the BIP by virtue of their brokers’ involvement, which is nearly half of the association’s membership.  Looking ahead, Slechta says the recruitment events will continue, with the next level of focus being offices with ten or more agents.  In the meantime, advocacy in Arizona is going strong:  early in January, on the second day of the new legislative session, more than 65 state senators and representatives and their staff met with almost 400 REALTORS® at the annual “Arizona REALTORS® at the Capitol” event.  When legislators need information or assistance with a property rights issue, they’ll know where to turn!

To learn more about how Arizona REALTORS® is mobilizing members by engaging brokers, contact the association’s REALTOR® Party Director, Ashley Slechta, at 602-248-7787; or Liz Harris, the association’s representative to NAR’s Broker Involvement Council.

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