Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® Sponsors Event at Museum Exhibit Revealing the History and Legacy of Redlining

Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® took advantage of a compelling exhibition at the local history museum to educate members about their city’s role in the practice of redlining, and the negative impacts still felt nationwide because of historic housing discrimination. At a private reception, REALTORS® toured the galleries, spoke…...

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Hays REALTORS® Use Land Use Initiative to Fine Tune Comprehensive Plan

Hays, Kansas has been updating its existing zoning and subdivision regulations to align with the Comprehensive Plan it adopted in 2012. With its expertise in the field of real estate, and in defense of public property rights, the 80-member Hays Board of REALTORS® used the REALTOR® Party’s Land Use Initiative…...

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Kansas REALTORS® Use Issues Mobilization to Prevent Local Property Tax Increases

The REALTOR® Party’s Issues Mobilization Grant provides financial assistance to state and local REALTOR® Associations to support effective advocacy campaigns on public policy issues that affect REALTOR® interests. The Kansas Association of REALTORS® is just one example of how an association has used this program to successfully stave off local…...

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