Spokane Association of Realtors

Housing Opportunity Grant Helps Bring Counselors of Real Estate to Spokane for Housing Needs Study and Action Plan

Within Washington state, which recent census data revealed to have the lowest housing inventory in the country, the numbers in Spokane were even worse. The Spokane Association of REALTORS® stepped up to bring in a consulting team from the Counselors of Real Estate, an international organization of expert volunteers who…...

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Spokane REALTORS® Spur Much-Needed Housing Development with Pro-Growth Candidates

The inventory of available housing stock is at a historic low in Spokane, Washington, and housing prices are seeing double-digit increases. In the midst of the crisis, the Spokane REALTORS® successfully championed a challenger to the mayor’s office, as well as candidates for the City Council to spur much-needed housing…...

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