Why #RealtorsVote

Why #RealtorsVote

August 2020

It’s official! We are 83 day away from Election Day. As we’ve come to expect, we are inundated with political advertisements, social media posts, and other messages on a daily basis. It’s easy to get turned off by the negativity of elections and politics. While a lot of attention is paid to the top of the ticket, or presidential candidates, keep in mind that on November 3, your vote will collectively determine 33 U.S. Senate seats, 435 U.S. House of Representatives seats, 20 gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial seats, 128 state and local executive office seats across 28 states, as well as 95 statewide ballot measures. That’s why we want Realtors® to vote!

Whether your state has mandated in-person, mail-in, or electronic voting or some combination of the three, we encourage you to:

Register to Vote and Ensure Your Voter Registration is Up-to-Date

Visit the Realtor® Party website to check on the status of your voter registration. This is also a great reminder to share with your colleagues, family members, clients, and community at large. If you don’t exercise your right to vote, someone else will!

Educate Yourself on Candidates and Ballot Initiatives

It goes without saying that we are all passionate about real estate. Stay tuned to your state and local Realtor associations. Association and NAR staff have working hard to interview and identify Realtor® champions — elected official who have made significant achievements in advancing home and property ownership or whose policy agendas are aligned to the Realtor® Party’s mission — and raise awareness of important ballot initiatives at the state and local levels. The hard work has already been done for you!

Volunteer, if You Feel Comfortable in Doing So

States are anticipating a shortage of poll workers and volunteers. I encourage you to volunteer to help bridge this shortfall, but only if you feel comfortable. By witnessing our democracy up close and personal, you learn so much. I highly recommend you add election volunteering to your bucket list!

You’ve probably heard every member of the Leadership Team and volunteer leader talk about making our voices heard from Capitol Hall to statehouses and city halls nationwide. Your vote is your voice. Join me in shaping the communities where we live and work, and by extension, the country.




  1. REPLY
    Lynn Heinold says

    It is essential we all express our preferences through voting as it is a right we should not take for granted. We need to keep our economy strong for our clients as well as for ourselves and support quality of life issues like property ownership.

  2. REPLY
    Steve Hicks says

    Our country, as we know it is at stake in this election. Instead of putting a candidates sign in front of your house join the silent majority in a silent protest and fly the American flag in front of your house until election day. We Realtors need to do our best to preserve the greatest country ever in our world. This demonstration of our resolve will inspire others to join this peaceful demonstration.

    • REPLY
      Barry Hoey says

      Amen 🙏

    • REPLY
      Elaine says

      Why would anyone remain silent in this election? I can show my support for my choice of candidates AND fly the American flag.

      • REPLY
        Steve says


  3. REPLY
    Steve says

    I can post my comment on all social sites which will include most NAR members. I will have to explain that our own NAR refused to print my free speech opinion.

    • Realtor Party
      Tiane Harrison says

      Steve, thank you for submitting a comment to the Realtor Party website. If you are not able to see your comment, we recommend you empty your browser cache or visit our site using a different browser as your comment has been posted.
      NAR Staff

  4. REPLY
    Steve says

    Please cancel my 2nd. Comment. I tried but couldn’t do it.

  5. REPLY
    larry briggs says

    This election is the most important one for many reasons. The virus has thrown a curve ball into the game. Vote by mail. It’s safe and easy. And if it rains on November 3rd. you can stay home and not in the line. Rain or shine or snow… VOTE

  6. REPLY
    Joe Terranova says

    Please be informed. In California we now have state wide Rent Control and the erosion of Single Family Zoning. As Realtors we should be promoting and protecting Private Property Rights. We know these rights are the cornerstone of a free society. Vote for the candidates who understand and protect these rights from overburden sum regulations and taxes.

  7. REPLY
    Betty-Ann Wright says

    I strongly agree with previous comments that this is a very important election. There is an American flag in front of my house and on my car. Vote, but before you do, research the candidates online. Follow the funding, what the candidate promotes and has voted for in the past. We are in danger of losing too many of our rights with some of the candidates.

  8. REPLY
    Juliano says

    We Realtors need to vote for those who seek lower taxes, less regulations, freedom of entrepreneurship, those who seek to bring back the american values into our society

  9. REPLY
    Trew Wood says

    If your state offers early voting, vote early. Lines are shorter. Remember, your vote counts.

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