Candidate & Issue Campaign Training

Through the Candidate and Issue Campaign Training course, REALTOR® Association staff will have access to a variety of campaign services that can take an association’s campaign involvement to the next level, while providing members with long term and bottom-line benefits for their dues dollars.

Association Executives (AEs, EOs) and  those staff who specialize in REALTOR® Party Advocacy (including GADs, REALTOR® Party Coordinators, Communication/Public Affairs Directors, or any staff person who implements (or has an interest in) issues and/or candidate campaigns at the state and local associations) will participate in a series of ten, 45-minute webinars which lead to a final, in-person, 1.5 day course. Through this hybrid training, participants will have a deeper understanding of how to create multi-phased advocacy plans for their association’s involvement in issues and candidate campaigns.

Particular focus will be given to how to access and utilize the tools and resources available for use with the Issues Mobilization Program and Independent Expenditure campaigns. Resources include data, campaign services, member mobilization and more. Attendees will also discover how to achieve association minimum Core Standards requirements through initiating campaign efforts.

The focus of this training includes:

  • Building long-term political strategy across your association to include REALTOR® Champion selection, issue campaigns, and advocacy outreach
  • Drafting budgets and plans to practice campaign execution
  • Learning what REALTOR® Party tools and resources are available to your association

Webinar Training

Starting in 2018, monthly webinars from December through April will be open to any association staff person interested in attending free of charge. However, for those wishing to participate in and complete the comprehensive Candidate and Issue Campaign Training course, including the in-person training, completion of the webinar series (in real time or in replay) is mandatory.

In-Person Training

This live 1.5 day, hands-on, campaign-building workshop will be held in NAR’s Chicago office. This offering is currently scheduled for April 10 & 11, 2019. Please plan to arrive the evening prior in order to start first thing on Wednesday morning.

Advanced registration and participation in each webinar is required to attend the in-person training. The hybrid webinar/in-person training will cap at 20 registrants.

Sample Agenda and Learning Outcomes for In-Person Training


Webinars and in-person training will be facilitated or co-facilitated by

  • NAR staff experts
  • State and local Government Affairs Directors possessing expert use of the tools and services
  • Professional political consultants in the areas of polling, data analysis, online advertising, phone outreach, direct mail and emails, TV and radio communications, field campaigns and political pundits


Session materials will be provided to course participants as necessary for each webinar and for the in-person training.

Registration Fee:

$99 (includes session materials, breakfast and lunch on both days).

Thanks for your interest! This course is now full. Please contact NAR if you need additional information

Hotel and Travel Costs:

Hotel and travel costs are reserved and paid for by the individual. NAR has contracted with the Hotel Palomar Chicago, a Kimpton Hotel, for the rate of $199/night. Upon successful registration for the course, you will receive a link to make your hotel reservation.

NAR will provide breakfasts and lunches on site at the in-person training.

Questions?  Contact Chrissy Garavaglia at 202-383-1175 or John Winston at 202-383-1235.

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