Apply for one of four Community Outreach Grants in 2019

Apply for one of four Community Outreach Grants in 2019

The National Association of REALTORS®’ REALTOR® Party has historically provided grants, programs, technical assistance and other resources that enable REALTOR® Associations to become leaders in their communities.  If your Association hasn’t applied for one of our four Community Outreach grants, 2019 may be the year to do so!

First, our Placemaking, Smart Growth, Housing Opportunity and Diversity grants can address challenges in your community; engage members; gain positive PR; get REALTORS® a “seat at the table”; be a stepping stone to political advocacy; and build new partnerships.  Smart Growth grants can be used to engage in land use, development & transportation-related public policy initiatives and supports one or more Smart Growth Principles.

Housing Opportunity grants can be used to address local housing affordability challenges, including hold housing fairs or forums, conducting studies, holding symposiums or workshops and issuing polls or  surveys.

Placemaking grants can be used to create new public spaces and destinations, including pocket parks, plazas, alley activations, gardens, play/fitness areas, dog parks and trails which are accessible to everyone in the community.

Diversity grants can be used to enhance diversity within an Association, interact with multicultural real estate associations and conduct Fair Housing activities.

Also of note, the Land Use Initiative (LUI) provides an analysis of proposed state and local land use measures such as ordinances and legislation.  Associations can use the LUI to become an expert on and advocate for an issue, take a proactive approach to advocacy or discuss the impact of a measure on real estate with elected officials & write editorials to gain support.   You can also review analyses conducted for other associations as many communities are facing the same issues.   Robinson & Cole, LLP, has provided guidance and expert opinion on more than 800 different legislative and regulatory issues that affect the interest of REALTORS®.



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    Jim Haisler says

    I’m curious which grant would fit for us to work with our local Economic Development Corporation to produce a video promoting the strengths of our regions assets to business and work related housing, The video would include real estate professionals showing property (residential or commercial) and include a visual REALTOR brand (either NAR’s logo or our local logo). Which grant? (No need to post this on the website – just looking for a response)

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