GADFly Newsletter – February 2024

GADFly Newsletter – February 2024


  • Feb 22-23 New AE/GAD Advocacy Orientation (Washington, DC)
  • Feb 28 All GAD Call @ 3 p.m. ET (Click here to register)
  • Feb 29 RPAC & The Law Webinar @ 3 p.m. ET (Click here to register)
  • Mar 1 2027 GAD Institute Site Nominations Due
  • Mar 5 Consumer Advocacy Outreach Advisory Board Meeting
  • Mar 15 FPC Meritorious Service Award Applications Due
  • Apr 30 GAD Vice Chair Statement of Interest Due


Feb 28: Monthly All-GAD Call
The next All GAD call will be held on February 28 at 3 p.m. If you couldn’t attend the January call, view the slides here. Questions? Contact Jami Sims (202.383.1221).

Feb 29: RPAC & The Law Webinar
Register now to attend the upcoming webinar RPAC & The Law to learn everything you need to know about RPAC’s unique fundraising structure and important legal guidelines to keep in mind as you fundraise at home. Questions? Contact Darby Thorne (202.383.1026)

Mar 1: GAD Institute Site Nominations Due
State and local associations from regions 11-13 interested in hosting the 2027 GAD Institute, please submit a Statement of Interest to Jami Sims (202-383-1221) by March 1.

Mar 15: FPC Meritorious Service Award Application Deadline
Submit an application by March 15 to nominate one of your FPCs to receive the 2024 FPC Meritorious Service Award! Each year, NAR recognizes two FPCs whose outstanding work has contributed to creating a sound and dynamic U.S. real estate market, fostering vibrant communities, and advancing our policy objectives in Washington. They are awarded the Meritorious Service Award (MSA) during the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in May. Questions? Contact Victoria Givens (202.383.1021).

Apr 30: GAD Vice Chair Statement of Interest Due
The GAD Vice-Chair position rotates between state and local GADs; this year state GADs are eligible to run. All submissions must be sent to Jami Sims by April 30. Eligible candidates will be announced at the GAD meeting in May. Questions? Contact Jami Sims (202.383.1221).

REALTORS® Legislative Meetings – GAD Meetings
Make sure these meetings and events are on your calendar if you will be in D.C.:

  • Sunday, May 5
    • 1:00-2:00p: GAD Briefing on Federal Issues
  • Monday, May 6
    • 1:30 – 2:30p: GAD Meeting
    • 2:30 – 3:30p: Local GAD Breakout
    • 2:30 – 3:30p: State GAD Breakout
    • 6:30 – 8:30p: GAD Reception (Location TBD)
  • Tuesday, May 7
    • 1 – 5 p: Hill Visits
  • Wednesday, May 8
    • 9:00 – 11:30a: GAD Professional Development Session


NAR Policy Forum: American Dream Deferred
The Forum focused on solutions to make housing available and affordable to all and on discussions on tax policies, technology, innovation, and more.

Kevin Sears Advocacy on the Road
President Kevin Sears meets with Chief Advocacy Officer Shannon McGahn to discuss recent advocacy efforts at NAR.

REALTOR® Party Revamps Comms Platforms
New year, new look! Check out our modernized REALTOR® Party website and follow us on social (Facebook/Instagram/X) at @NARRealtorParty. Make sure to include #REALTORParty in your social posts so we can amplify your association’s efforts.

NAR CEO Sets the Record Straight on Commissions
National Association of REALTORS® Interim CEO Nykia Wright addresses false claims about commissions in real estate. Learn how NAR makes efficient, transparent, and accessible marketplaces possible, serving consumers and advancing homeownership. Check for the latest information on the ongoing litigation.


Phoenix Realtors - Haute MediaCongratulations to Aly Perkins, and the rest of the Phoenix REALTORS® team who have increased their Major Investors by 500% in the last five years!

Submit your own victories or share your fellow GADs’ wins with Jami Sims to be included in future editions of the GADFly. Don’t just move onto the next issue ahead; celebrate your wins big and small!


RPAC Major Investor Recognition Deadlines
Make sure you and your members are recognized as RPAC Major Investors by the April, October, and December deadlines! Click here for all dates and important details. These are HARD deadlines to submit RPAC investments to the NAR Finance Office. For questions about RPAC transmittal deadlines, contact Jenn Nguyen (202.383.1268), or Debbie Frey (312.329.8565).

2024 President’s Circle Round 1 Launches
Round 1 of the 2024 President’s Circle Program has launched, featuring the National Party Congressional and Senatorial Committees OR NAR Federal Political Coordinators’ (FPCs’) direct contribution to their respective member of Congress. Contributions in Round 1 are limited to $500 and must be made through the NAR President’s Circle site to count toward your 2024 President’s Circle total. Questions? Contact Jenn Nguyen (202.383.1268).



Advocacy Everywhere: Your Resource for State and Local CFAs
Do you have an issue bubbling up at the state or local level that you need to mobilize your membership? Don’t forget about the program Advocacy Everywhere, a free service that assists state and local associations in setting up a Call for Action (CFA) tailored to their advocacy needs. Questions? Contact Jami Sims (202.383.1221).

Land Use Initiative: Expert Advocacy Help When You Need It 
Advocate for or against unexpected real estate measures with NAR’s Land Use Initiative. Receive expert analysis on property rights, regulatory burden, housing supply, and financial fairness implications, along with talking points to support your position. Discover success stories like how the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors® minimized the impact of new rental regulations through the Land Use Initiative and Advocacy Everywhere. Questions? Contact Christine Windle.

Harness the Power of Growth Polling!
Do you want to understand how your community feels about various growth and development issues? Use the Growth Polling program to help formulate land-use related policies that reflect the needs of those who live in your community. Share results to foster relationships, influence policy, and build goodwill.

Plant Advocacy Seeds with Placemaking
Gain political capital, increase influence, and enhance the REALTOR® image when your association collaborates with local leaders on a Placemaking project such as a community garden, playground, parklet or dog park. The REALTOR® Party supports these efforts through grants, a toolkit, and the Spaces to Places blog. To learn more, contact Hannah Dannenfelser.

Apply for a Consumer Advocacy Grant
You heard from Chuck Liedike on the recent GAD call about the Consumer Advocacy Outreach grant. Are you ready to apply and engage with consumers in your community? The Consumer Advocacy Outreach Advisory Board hears requests each month via Zoom at 2pm ET. Contact Erin Murphy at 202-383-1079 to chat about what you’re working on before you start filling out the application.

GAD Directory
Don’t forget to update the GAD Directory! This ensures NAR has the latest contact information to share important updates and allows GADs to connect with each other about similar issues they may be facing.


Each month, state and local associations that achieved an advocacy win with the help of a REALTOR® Party grant or resource are highlighted in the REALTOR Party® Success Stories. Success stories created in December include:


Start Planning for 2024 NAR Events
Check out the list of 2024 events here to save the date for upcoming conferences.

REALTOR® Legislative Meetings (RLM) | Washington D.C.
Save the Date: May 4-9, 2024
Click here to register.

GAD Institute (GADI) | Spokane, WA
Save the Date: July 16-18, 2024

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