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GADFly Newsletter – March 2021

Special Announcement(s):
Registration is OPEN for REALTORS® Legislative Meetings!

If you have not done so already, please register for the Mid-Year meetings so that you can attend the GAD General Business Meeting on May 11th from 10:00 to 12:00 Central.

Breakout sessions for State and Local GADs WILL BE HAPPENING, they will not be listed on the general agenda. You will need to register in advance for those so keep an eye out for posts to the GAD HUB, GAD Facebook page, and other communications for those registration links.


RPAC Major Investor Recognition
Make sure you and your members are recognized as RPAC Major Investors! Submit RPAC investments to the NAR Finance Office no later than Wednesday, April 21, 2021 to meet this first transmittal date. Click here for more information or contact Jackie Zaporowski, 202-383-1029.

2021 President’s Circle Launched
The President’s Circle launched its first round for 2021 this week, consisting of 7 Realtor® Party Champions. The RPAC Federal Disbursement Trustees decided to wait until later in the year to solicit for the National Political Party Committees as well as for FPCs to contribute to their respective Member of Congress, which we normally do on the first round. Due to the competitive political environment, the Trustees felt it was a priority to get early money to these REALTOR® Champions as soon as possible. Contact for more information.

Community Outreach

Fair Housing Month is Around the Corner!
Make plans to leverage Fair Housing Grants to support fair housing month, fair housing education and partnerships with local organizations that further the mission of fair housing – plus satisfy the 2021 Core Standards fair housing requirement.  Need ideas and inspiration? Access resources, showcase stories and search “Fair Housing” via REALTOR® Party success stories.  Questions? Contact Wendy Penn at 202-383-7504.

Transforming Neighborhoods Program webinar series
Policy, Practice, Process: Transforming Neighborhoods through Equitable Revitalization, launches this month! The six-part series focuses on realizing equitable revitalization strategies. The series will equip REALTORS® with the knowledge and skills necessary to meaningfully partner with local government decision makers to address vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties. Each session will feature actionable items for REALTORS® and their local government partners to consider. Contact Wendy Penn, 202-383-7504.

Take Action: Make Smart Growth Happen
Apply for a Smart Growth grant and/or leverage a State and Local Growth Poll to support efforts to ensure the REALTOR®’s voice is heard on growth and development issues.  Associations can apply up to $5,000 to support Smart Growth for the 21st Century Virtual or In-Person Training, growth and development policy forums, community visioning sessions, growth studies and research, transportation and walkability action plans and planning and zoning changes. For inspiration, take time to explore association success stories (search “Smart Growth”) or listen to a recent idea exchange webinar recording. Questions or need direction? Sign-up for a Community Outreach Grant Brainstorming Session or contact Holly Moskerintz, 202/383-1157 or  Hugh Morris, 202/383-1278.

Grant to Address Broadband, Well and Septic Regs, Zoning and More!
A new Rural Outreach Grant to fund advocacy initiatives related to broadband, onsite well and septic, open space preservation, protection overlay districts and infrastructure challenges is now available. Associations can explore a newly revised Rural Outreach site for detailed information on rural issues and select a time to meet with staff virtually to discuss strategies to address rural challenges. Questions? Contact Holly Moskerintz, 202/383-1157.

Take the Lead on Downtown Revitalization
The Main Street® Downtown Assessment How-To Guide will help your association organize and conduct an on-site analysis of the challenges, issues and opportunities in a community to initiate the revitalization of its downtown or commercial district. Learn how the Medina County (OH) REALTORS® Help Bring Dying Main Street of Seville Back to Life leveraged a Smart Growth grant to support turning their downtown around.  Questions? Contact Holly Moskerintz at 202-383-1157.

NAR’s Community Outreach Idea Exchange: Placemaking – Now More Than Ever
COVID has demonstrated that Placemaking, which creates outdoor public spaces for a community to gather, is needed now more than ever. Join us for a discussion on Wednesday, April 28th, 2PM ET on how several associations used NAR’s Placemaking grant in their communities. Reserve your spot online today. Questions? Contact Holly Moskerintz.

Upcoming All-GAD Calls

Monthly Zoom Link
CLICK HERE TO JOIN ZOOM MEETING EVERY MONTH ON THE THIRD THURSDAY AT 3:00 EST/ 2:00 Central see below for details on upcoming calls.

April 15th: The All-GAD Call will be a professional development session centered around best practices for holding virtual fly-ins.

*NOTE* May 20th: This All-GAD Call is cancelled due to NAR’s Virtual Legislative Meetings (during which we will be holding a 2-hr GAD General Business Meeting and Breakout Sessions earlier in the month).


Kelli Starrett
GAD Chair
New Orleans Metropolitan Association Of REALTORS®

cadyThomas2.jpgMarch is here and finally, thankfully, it’s starting to feel like we’re not living in 2020 anymore. One year ago, everything changed everywhere, and we found ourselves in a very different world from what we knew. As GADs we were busier than ever before, fighting policy battles at every turn and doing so in a strange new work environment. We learned to love Zoom, hate Zoom, and accept Zoom as a permanent fixture in our lives. We scored impressive victories for our members. Some of our colleagues found themselves also serving as homeschool teachers. Too many of our colleagues experienced personal heartache and loss. Through it all GAD Nation endured, persevered, and supported each other. And now it looks like a return to normalcy won’t just happen but might actually happen in this calendar year. The biggest glimmer of hope that I have seen in 2021: an in-person GAD Institute is not completely off the table! Keep your masks on and your fingers crossed (and roll up your sleeves if you’re eligible to do so in your state) that we will be together in Denver in July.

Another sign that normalcy is coming? Applications are open to serve on NAR committees in 2022. For those who haven’t been around for very long, the application process opens each March and runs through early May. I encourage each one of you to apply for a committee, as the work they do tends to be very directly related to the work we do. Read over the application process, check out the various committees, and apply for up to five that pique your interest. REALTOR® Party Committees and any of those with ties to grant programs are obvious choices for GADs, and you can’t go wrong with the Public Policy Coordinating Committee or any of the committees that report to it. If you want to get deep into some committee research before selecting your top five, you can look at their minutes and agendas from past May or November conferences to get an idea of what they discuss. Once you submit your five you will have the option to seek endorsements. Reach out to your members who serve on national committees, members you know from other associations who are plugged in, state and local association staff, and your GAD family (I can be reached at It’s not hard to get involved and it is absolutely worth your time.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. I hope you’ll join me for next month’s edition: How to Survive and Thrive at the virtual REALTORS® Legislative Meetings. Until then, I hope you continue to stare down any obstacles in your way with the same fierce determination you had at this time last year when you first heard there was a toilet paper shortage. No matter what it is you’re facing, you’ve got this.

  • May 3 – 14
    Virtual REALTORS® Legislative Meetings
  • 2021 GAD Institute
    Date: July 20-22, 2021
    Location: Denver, Colo.
    Hotel: Hilton Denver City Center Registration/Hotel
    Cost: Institute Registration $550/Hotel $229+ Taxes and Fees/night

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