GADFly Newsletter – June 2021

GADFly Newsletter – June 2021

GAD Institute Registration is OPEN!

GAD Institute Registration is filling up! Over 250 of your GAD colleagues are attending, are you?
Registration for GAD Institute ends on June 24th!
Click HERE to register and for a look at the GAD Institute agenda.

Pre-Institute sessions start at 8:30am on July 20th and the Institute concludes with GAD Night Out hosted by the Colorado Association at 6:00pm on July 22nd.

We have 25 incredible sessions planned with over 50 speakers and panelists – there will be something for everyone! With nightly receptions, luncheons, and breakfast events, you are sure to have plenty of opportunities to connect with your fellow government affairs professionals!

We can’t wait to see you in Denver!

-The Political Advocacy Education Team

GADs GIVE BACK: The Marigold Project
Have you participated in the 2021 GADs Give Back initiative yet? Every year the GAD Advisory Group selects an organization or cause to give back to in the local community where the Institute is taking place. This year the Advisory Group members selected the Marigold Project. To learn more about what they do and their impact to the community CLICK HERE!


Help Defend 1031
Recent proposals to repeal or limit the 1031 like-kind exchange could devastate the commercial real estate sector and investment in communities across the country. We need your help to educate lawmakers and their staff about the economic benefits of 1031s.

Through our new 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Member Stories Portal, your members can share how they used 1031s to bring economic investment to their community. Please promote this link and help NAR’s advocacy team put a human face on this critical real estate tool.

Key Dates

GAD Institute
July 20th-22nd in Denver, CO
Registration ends June 24th!

NAR Annual Conference and Governance Meetings
Official Government Affairs Director Meetings in San Diego, CA
Saturday, November 13th 10:30 – 1:30

  • GAD General Business Meeting
  • GAD Professional Development Session
  • GAD State/Local Breakout Sessions

All-GAD-Calls will be moving to a quarterly schedule and will start up again in September.

GAD Advisory Group Committee Applications will be open the week after GAD Institute. If you are interested in learning more about the expectations of the role CLICK HERE.


Kelli Starrett
GAD Chair
New Orleans Metropolitan Association Of REALTORS®

cadyThomas2.jpgJune is here, and whether you’re suffering through high temperatures or trying to find time to finally take a real vacation, it’s safe to assume you’re also counting down the days until you head to Denver for the GAD Institute. We have just around 30 days to go, and I could not be more excited!

Of course, that also means that I am just over 30 days away from giving up my GAD Chair crown. It has been both a pleasure and a unique experience serving you all in this capacity. So much transpired since you elected me as Vice Chair in 2019 – advocacy team changes at NAR, a global pandemic, the rise and fall of Zoom happy hours, Inauguration Day, and a chaotic housing market EVERYWHERE come to mind. My goal was to keep the ship afloat and to ensure you got the tools you needed to navigate the turbulent waters. If any of that was accomplished, it was because of an awesome support system making it possible:

The GAD Advisory Group – you went with it when I suggested a standing meeting and made it work when we all have schedules that are anything but standard. The effort you put into both creating a phenomenal Institute and ensuring our monthly all-GAD calls had timely content is the true reason why the year went as well as it did. Thank you for making me look good and for the time and energy you have given to enhance the profession for all of us.
The NAR Advocacy Team – thank you for setting up and participating in countless Zoom meetings, ensuring the right speakers were present to help us solve the latest problem plaguing the Facebook group or HUB, and for keeping the AG on target in a year with residual uncertainty from 2020.
Past Chair Julia Parenteau – there may be a whole list of rockstar Past Chairs who helped along the way, but your experience in 2020 made you uniquely qualified to help with my experience in 2021. Thank you for your wit, your wisdom, and your grace over the last couple of years. GAD Nation truly is indebted to you in ways many of us may not fully realize, and it is an honor to have served with you.
Vice Chair Brad Ward – the GADs are in great hands with you taking the lead soon! Thank you for all you have done over the past year to keep both me and the group at large grounded and focused. You’re the kind of leader that people naturally want to follow, and I am looking forward to seeing how our community thrives under your leadership.

Without further ado, I bid you farewell in newsletter form. The countdown to GAD Institute may now resume. Make sure you register before the June 25th deadline. Contribute to this year’s GADs Give Back recipient, The Marigold Project, if you haven’t already done so. If you already have, you can do it again! Don’t stress too much about whether you adequately remember how to pack for a conference. I can assure you it’s as easy as falling off a bicycle. (I can also assure you that, for some of us, falling off is much easier than riding.) I look forward to seeing your smiling faces, connecting with the new members of our family who we have only met virtually, and witnessing the problems that are solved and the mountains that are moved from us all being together again. See you in Denver!

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