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GADFly Newsletter – November 2022

Go Beyond Compliance. Advance Fair Housing and Expand Homeownership.
Compliance with the law is just the first step. Join NAR in going beyond compliance to advance housing opportunities and equitable communities. Recognize one of your members or a group of colleagues who work hard to advance fair housing and expand homeownership in their community. Nominate them for the Fair Housing Champion Award. Submissions are due by November 30.

FPC Nominations Due Next Week
After an exciting election, it’s time to nominate your Federal Political Coordinator candidates for the 118th Congress. The deadline for submitting your FPC nomination letter is November 23. Letters should be addressed to 2023 NAR President, Mr. Kenny Parcell, on state letterhead and signed by your 2023 State President. Names will be reviewed by NAR Chief Advocacy Officer Shannon McGahn and approved by Kenny Parcell during the first week of December. If you have a race yet to be called, send the majority of your FPC names by the deadline and note any seats still in flux. If you have questions, please contact Victoria Givens.

Save the Date: In-Person Apex Training, Sept. 20-22 in DC
The Apex Training teaches staff how to take their REALTOR® association’s political involvement to the next level.  The focus of this training includes:

  • Building long-term political strategy across your association to include REALTOR® champion selection, issue campaigns, and advocacy outreach.
  • Drafting budgets and plans to practice campaign execution.
  • Learning about the REALTOR® Party tools and resources available to your association.

The training consists of eight virtual sessions beginning in May after the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings and an in-person training that will be held from September 20-22 at NAR’s DC office. Registration information will be available next month. If you have questions, please contact John Winston | (202) 383-1235.

GAD Facebook Community
If you’re a GAD, and you’re not part of this important community, then you are missing out on amazing content and information! Ask to join the REALTOR® Government Affairs Directors group on Facebook. This community is invested in helping each other succeed for the benefit of the associations you work for and the REALTORS® you represent. Questions? Contact Jim MacGregor.

GAD Directory Needs Your Help:
Are you a Local or State GAD?  Have you looked at the GAD Directory lately?  The GAD Directory is a central database that contains the latest contact information for you and your fellow GADs.  This Directory is totally reliant on GAD Nation to keep it up to date by supplying us with the most current information on you or your fellow GADs.  The Directory can be searched by state and/or local and can be easily updated by clicking on the “Add a New GAD(s)” button.  For more information or questions about the GAD Directory contact Jim MacGregor.

Seeking Site Nominations for 2025 GAD Institute: Due February 1
The location of the NAR GAD Institute rotates annually between three regions of the United States. For 2025, we are seeking nominations from the Eastern region, comprised of NAR Regions 1 through 5. State and local associations are encouraged to nominate a location in their jurisdiction to host the 2025 NAR GAD Institute by submitting a Statement of Interest to the GAD Advisory Group by February 1, 2023. More information can be found in the GAD Policies and Procedures document or by contacting Jim MacGregor | 202-383-1188

Community Outreach

Fall 2022 On Common Ground: Data-Driven Community Planning
Discover how data helps deliver great places to live. From big-picture planning and zoning efforts to anonymized cell-based GPS driven transportation planning, quantitative data-fed housing needs assessments, and parking planning, decision makers and REALTORS® are finding common ground to build better communities. An online version is available via the OCG APP (Apple) (Google Play). Over 35,000 copies will be distributed to state and local associations and elected officials. Are you on the list? If not, contact Catherine Mesick. Questions? Contact Hugh Morris.

2023 Community Outreach Grant Level and Program Changes
Beginning Tuesday, January 3, apply for a 2023 Community Outreach Grant – Smart Growth, Rural Outreach, Housing Opportunity, Fair Housing and Placemaking – to support a variety of community development and fair housing initiatives. Based on state and local association feedback and cost of doing business, grant levels will adjust:

  • Level 1: Up to $3,000 for speakers, classes and trainings.
  • Level 2: Up to $7,500 for projects to address specific issues and challenges.
  • Level 3: Up to $15,000 for comprehensive, broad and partnership-based efforts (Please note that Level 3 is only available for Housing Opportunity and Smart Growth Grants).

Need ideas on how a grant can help fund your advocacy effort?
Search success stories or sign-up for a 30-minute one-on-one grant planning meeting with staff experts via Zoom. Questions? Contact Christine Windle | 202-383-1135.

Placemaking Grant Gets a Makeover
Associations can leverage a Placemaking Grant to participate in the construction of a park, gathering spot within a downtown, community garden, or dog park to enhance livability while building valuable relationships with public and private stakeholders. For project ideas, view Spaces to Places Blog. Beginning in 2023, Placemaking Grants will also allow funding of community asset improvements such as street benches, lamps and/or wayfinding signs, and improvements to existing spaces. To learn more, contact Catherine Mesick.

RP Success Stories

RPAC Fundraising

Dec. 15: Year-End RPAC and CAP Transmittal Deadline
The final deadline is approaching for all political fundraising and for associations to receive credit toward their 2022 fundraising goals! NAR requires that all funds, with appropriate back-up documentation, be received in NAR’s Chicago Finance office by close of business on Thursday, December 15. For more information regarding RPAC deadlines, please click here or contact Jackie Zaporowski | (202) 383-1029. For more information regarding CAP deadlines, please click here or contact Allyson Nelson | (202) 383-1156.

Dec. 15: RPAC Hall of Fame Deadline
The RPAC Hall of Fame eligibility deadline is Thursday, December 15. Eligible members and staff must meet the $25,000 minimum threshold by the end of the previous fundraising year. The deadline for the nomination form to be submitted to NAR by the state is January 31, 2023. Click here to access the guidelines and nomination form. For questions regarding the Hall of Fame, or to verify an investment history total, please contact Jackie Zaporowski | (202) 383-1029.

Dec. 15: Reimbursement Deadline – RPAC Fundraising Programs
Reimbursement forms for the RPAC Fundraising Partnership Grant Program and the Major Investor Event Program are due on or before the RPAC year-end transmittal deadline of Thursday, December 15. No 2022 reimbursements will be processed after that date. Click here for the RPAC Fundraising Partnership Grant Program reimbursement information or contact Click here for the Major Investor Event Program reimbursement information or contact Jackie Zaporowski | (202) 383-1029.

NAR Research and Press Releases

Where are Homebuyers Moving?
Utilizing data from the newly completed 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers and with context from U.S. Census and USPS change-of-address data, let’s look at where U.S. homebuyers have been moving.
By: Matt ChristophersonNadia Evangelou

Eleven Takeaways From the 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
The housing market has shifted from a low-interest rate, low-inventory environment with bidding wars and frenzied activity to a higher interest rate but still low inventory environment.
By: Jessica Lautz

Instant Reaction: Jobs, November 4, 2022
Job gains continued in October, with 261,000 additional people receiving W-2 statement salaries. There are almost one million more workers now compared to pre-pandemic.
By: Lawrence Yun

Instant Reaction: Mortgage Rates, November 3, 2022
The 30-year fixed mortgage rate fell to 6.95% this week from 7.08% the previous week; it seems that rates have already priced in some of the effects of the Fed’s higher interest rates.
By: Nadia Evangelou

Josh Dix
GAD Chair
Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS®

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GAD Nation!

It was great seeing those of you who could make it to Orlando this year! Unfortunately, Hurricane Nicole disrupted many of your travel plans and I am sorry we could not all be together.

The big news from the GAD Meeting is that Spokane, Washington will be our host city for the 2024 GAD Institute. Shout out to Darin Watkins for bringing the institute to his city. We will have a great time on the shores of the Spokane River.

The GAD AG has begun planning the 2023 institute in Detroit, and your feedback provided in the survey after Philly is helping shape the event.

I hope everyone had a successful election cycle and that you will have some time to relax a bit during the upcoming holidays. Good luck in all that you do and never hesitate to reach out!



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