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Prince George’s County (MD) Association Wins Compromise on Real Estate Recordation Tax With Multi-Media Campaign

February 2013

Early in 2012, when their county council proposed easing its budget woes by increasing the real estate recordation tax – for the second year in row – the Prince George’s County Association of REALTORS® took action.  After attempts to negotiate a fairer solution didn’t work out, it turned to NAR for help.  The 2,800-member association used an $11,000 Issues Mobilization Grant to mount an automated call and electronic letter-writing campaign. Assistance was provided throughout by NAR consultants and program staff.  The Maryland Association pitched in with a newspaper ad. The carefully timed multi-media campaign resulted in a compromise that cut the proposed increase in the real estate recordation tax in half.  In addition, the association is now recognized as a worthy player in local politics.

Read about the Prince George’s County REALTORS’ won the day (486K PDF)

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