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Santa Fe REALTORS® Launch Broad Effort to Elect Property Rights Candidates to Public Office

July 2013

When the mayor of Santa Fe announced that he would not be running for re-election, the 750-member Santa Fe Association of REALTORS® (SFAR) recognized an opportunity.  Not only would this be a prime moment to affect change in its city leadership, but it also signaled a chance to take its involvement in local government affairs to the next level.  The first thing it did was to call on NAR’s Campaign Services division to help host a Candidate Training Program, which will be held on Aug. 10 in Santa Fe.  SFAR, along with the local Homebuilders Association and the Chamber of Commerce, have identified 20 pro-property-rights candidates to attend the day-long program, which is a general introduction to the nuts-and-bolts of running for office. SFAR is also using NAR’s campaign services to conduct a poll of Santa Fe voters to gather critical information for the upcoming local elections.

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