Consumer Advocacy Outreach Grant

Gallatin (MT) Association of REALTORS® Supports Regional Housing Report with Consumer Advocacy Outreach Grant

By producing and presenting an annual regional housing report, the Gallatin Association of REALTORS® is now positioned as the primary resource for housing data in the fast-growing area. A Consumer Advocacy Outreach grant from the REALTOR® Party has made it possible....

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Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® Leverages Consumer Advocacy Outreach Grant to Create Long-term Real Estate Information Resource

The Wisconsin REALTORS® Association had a compelling report on the need for affordable workforce housing; a new collaborative grant from the REALTOR® Party is helping to get the information out at the local level, where the zoning and budget decisions are made....

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Akron Cleveland REALTORS® Is Poised to Reach 266,000 Consumers

Mandatory point-of-sale inspections and associated escrow requirements can add significant challenges to buying a home, and the Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS® is working to get these ordinances off the books in cities throughout the region it serves. The association will educate consumers with a compelling 12-page insert in two…...

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