Success Story

Grand Junction [CO] REALTORS® Hit a Home Run with RPAC Fundraiser

The 541-member Grand Junction Area Association of REALTORS® (GJARA) in western Colorado put baseball and a fundraising grant together to raise $15,200 for RPAC – all in one night!  GJARA booked a sky box at Grand Junction’s new baseball stadium, which hosts the rookie league for the Colorado Rockies, and then planned a fun evening for members who could attend for a $100 investment in RPAC.  The event was so successful, GJARA is planning to open future RPAC fundraising events to surrounding REALTOR® associations.

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Two Chicago-Area REALTOR® Associations Host Housing Expo and Trolley Tour with Housing Opportunity Grant

The City of Aurora, on the west side of Chicago, has been lauded as a highly livable city.  It has a strong down-payment assistance program, and plenty of affordable housing — yet a high percentage of the employees working in Aurora commute from elsewhere. The 15,000-member Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® and the 1,500-member REALTOR® Association of the Fox Valley partnered with the city and local lending institutions to get the word out. They used a Housing Opportunity Grant from NAR to host a housing expo and trolley tour they called “Experience Aurora.” The positive results are already appearing!

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Richmond (VA) REALTORS® Fight for Good Schools – and Win!

In Richmond, VA, REALTORS® have long understood the strong correlation between good schools and home values.  Last year, they had to fight for it.  The 4,000-member Richmond Association of REALTORS® put a $95,000 Issues Mobilization Grant from NAR to work on a campaign to use a restaurant meals tax on food and beverages to help fund public schools.  Working with other community groups, their successful campaign prevented drastic cuts to the school system budget.

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Texas REALTORS® & Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Find the Fight for the American Dream is One to Build On – Together!

The 83,000-member Texas Association of REALTORS® (TAR) has a long, proud history of embracing the ethnic diversity within the state, but they decided to take it one step further and capitalize on it.  In mid-August 2013, TAR invited the Texas chapters of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals to join them for a summit to focus on affordable housing and other advocacy goals the two groups have in common.  With a $5,000 Diversity Grant from NAR, they found that the fight for the American Dream is one they can build on – together!

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TriCity Association (Kennowick, WA) Hosts Candidate Training – And Then Elects a REALTOR® Champion to Public Office

Leaders at the 700-member TriCity Association of REALTORS® in southeastern Washington State immediately saw the potential of hosting NAR’s new Candidate Training Academy – and began ambitiously recruiting participants.  Soon after the well-received session, they put their new knowledge, RPAC support and plenty of enthusiasm behind one of their own – a commercial REALTOR® running for Port Commissioner.  He beat three opponents in the primary and went on to win the general election!

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Gaston (NC) REALTORS®: Small Association Thinks Big in Putting Housing Opportunity Grant to Work

When the economy crashed in Gaston County, NC, it crashed hard. Unemployment grew and the housing market suffered.  As conditions began to improve last year, the 270-member Gaston  Association of REALTORS® decided to help the public understand the opportunities to be had in their recovering market by hosting a housing fair in the town’s brand new convention center. With the help of a $5,000 Housing Opportunity Grant from NAR, they drew nearly 500 people to the April event.  Attendees visited booths of industry professionals ranging from lenders and home inspectors to landscapers and cabinet refinishers. The fair was such a hit that plans are already underway to host another one next year.

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White Mountain Board (NH) Begins Quest for Affordable Workforce Housing

Leaders of the 125-member White Mountain Board of REALTORS® (WMBR) knew from the moment they learned about NAR’s Housing Opportunity Grants that they could put one to good use in their rural region where many jobs do not pay enough to cover housing within a reasonable commuting range. The WMBR used a $5,000 grant from NAR to host the Mount Washington Valley Workforce Housing Design Charette. The intensive design program brought together teams of planners and housing development professionals to rough out development concepts reusing and/or revitalizing existing structures, as well as developing raw acreage.  Particular attention was given to how zoning regulations either work or might be modified to improve the region’s prospects for affordable workforce housing.  The sessions drew 78 members of the public and 26 housing industry professionals.

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Beverly Hills/Los Angeles REALTORS® Help Elect Champion to City Council

The 6,000-member Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS® (BHGLAAR) was fairly certain that five of the six candidates it was supporting for the Los Angeles City Council, would easily win this year’s election.  But one of those REALTOR® Champions, Mitch O’Farrell, was up against some stiff competition.  The BHGLAAR leaders turned to NAR’s Campaign Services office for help. That help came in the form of cracker-jack field teams in “Neighbors for Mitch” t-shirts that went door-to-door asking thousands of voters to put their faith in Mitch O’Farrell.  In addition, NAR funded telephone calls to voting households, and BHGLAAR contributed its own funds to pay for direct mailers.  O’Farrell won handily, and the BHGLAAR is already enjoying improved relationships with the city council.

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Miami Association Creates Advocacy Team with Game Changer Grant

The way Danielle Blake sees it, political engagement is a lot like college football in the South.  Blake, the outgoing Vice President of Government Affairs and Housing of the Miami Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI,) explains, “Football’s like a religion down here.  We’re passionate about our teams.  We’re all fans, but we’re in it together:  You know when to dish it out, and when to keep your mouth shut!”   Likewise, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, she says, the REALTOR® Party serves the whole industry, but it works best when everyone comes to the game.

The problem was getting members to come to the political ‘game.’  With 26,000 members, MIAMI is the largest local association in the country.  Yet, the year before last, it had only ten Major Investors in RPAC, and it wasn’t having an easy time mustering members to participate in candidate screenings.  Blake points out that while small associations are so good at meeting their RPAC goals, in larger ones there’s a certain disconnect, and endless distractions, and the easy assumption that someone else is doing the job.   She knew they needed a game- changing plan.

In March, 2012, MIAMI was awarded a $25,000 Game Changer grant from NAR to create a “Market Solutions through Political Advocacy” team.  The team serves as a clearing house for member solutions to market issues; recommends local races to screen based on community and market issues; and meets, educates and advocates for candidates during elections.  Since its first meeting last April, MIAMI has seen increased involvement in RPAC, political campaigns and market issues.  It is also helping to elect more REALTOR® Champions to public office.

“The program works because it helps get people involved,” says Blake.  The simple application seeks team members who are willing to advocate for the association and its REALTOR® members; who have expertise in a specialized area such as affordable housing, commercial, legal affairs, short sales, etc.; who are motivated and responsive; ready to think outside the box; and open and respectful toward diverse opinions.

The periodic issues meetings consistently draw about 20 members for lively discussion.  Members may vote on taking action on a given issue.  They are encouraged to partner with and “sponsor” candidates for local political office and introduce them to the group.

“We’ve learned, in doing this, that many new candidates aren’t aware of many of our REALTOR® issues, and raising awareness at that level benefits all of us,” notes Blake.  She also points out that catching candidates early in their careers helps form long-term relationships with future office holders.

When MIAMI RPAC determined which candidates it would support in the 2012 elections, funding from the grant was used to throw a big party.  About 15 candidates collected their checks in person, taking the opportunity to make brief speeches and meet members.

The grant also supported a full-time paid intern to help administer the program, and paid for a magnet board to trumpet members who have joined the ranks of MIAMI RPAC’s Major Investors.  Given prominent exposure at all MIAMI events, the association now boasts nearly 60 Major Investors.  The club that’s been created for this elite crowd offers not only candidate screening benefits and VIP Investor Events, but expedited drink lines at MIAMI events (“We have a lot of fun down here!” laughs Blake.)

On a more serious note, she emphasizes that the funding from NAR truly did change the game for MIAMI’s level of political engagement.   “NAR has such great programs, and this one helped us to spur members to become involved with political issues, and candidates, and each other. It’s been awesome.”

Danielle Blake’s role at the Miami Association of REALTORS® is in transition as she moves to California, but to learn more about how the association is using its Game  Changer  grant  to  increase  member  engagement  through  political advocacy, contact its new Vice President of Government Affairs and Housing, Bruno Lopes, at or 305.468.7015.

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