GADFly Newsletter – December 2022

GADFly Newsletter – December 2022

FPC Training Conference January 19-20, 2023
All Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs) have been invited to join the FPC Advocacy Academy Training Conference, January 19 -20, 2023. This is a hybrid conference where your new FPCs will attend in-person and veteran FPCs will attend virtually. The in-person training will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, D.C. and all expenses will be covered for attendees. Please encourage your FPCs to register. If you have any questions, please contact Victoria Givens at or 202-383-1021.

Plan Now for 2023 Consumer Advocacy Grant
The Consumer Advocacy Outreach grant offers your association the ability to apply for money up to $25,000 to engage with a powerful collective of consumers in your community and advocate for public policy issues that impact homeownership and property rights. The Consumer Advocacy Outreach Advisory Board hears requests on the first Tuesday of each month at 3pm EST. The requesting association is required to present for five minutes. Contact Erin Murphy at 202-383-1079 or to chat about what you’re working on or start filling out the application.


Community Outreach

Leverage Community Outreach Grants and Resources In 2023!
Transform a vacant lot into a park or gathering spot to create vibrancy and drive economic development in a downtown.  Break down regulatory barriers to housing and begin building a more inclusive neighborhood. Get unfavorable ordinances reviewed to protect property owners. Community Outreach Grants and Resources empower state and local REALTOR® associations to create opportunities for a better community and market.  Applications and new improved grant levels are available January 3rd, 2023 . Search success stories or sign-up for a one-on-one grant planning meeting for ideas on how grants can support your association’s efforts. Questions? Contact Christine Windle, 202-383-1135 or Samantha DeKoven, 312-329-8431

You’re Invited: Transforming Neighborhoods Information Webinar
Does your community need help with a real estate challenge? Join us on Wednesday, January 24th, 2-3PM EST, to learn more about NAR’s partnership with the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) Consulting Corps to help state and local REALTOR® associations take the lead to address commercial disinvestment, housing gaps, brownfield reuse, natural disaster response, and other real estate challenges.  The session will provide an overview of the program and application process, as well as insight from past participants and the opportunity to ask questions.  Register online. Questions? Contact Christine Windle, 202-383-1135 or Samantha DeKoven, 312-329-8431

REALTOR® Party Conference Grants Available! State and Local REALTOR associations can apply for a grant to host their own REALTOR® Party Conference in an effort to educate members and further the mission of the REALTOR® Party. Associations may qualify to receive funding to aid in hosting an educational or fundraising conference. Read through details and application process or contact Christine Windle, 202-383-1135.

REALTOR® Party Success Stories

RPAC Fundraising

Jan 31: RPAC Hall of Fame Nomination Form Deadline
The RPAC Hall of Fame eligibility deadline for members and staff to meet the $25,000 minimum threshold was Thursday, December 15. State associations must submit Hall of Fame nomination forms to NAR by January 31, 2023. Click here to access the guidelines and nomination form. For questions regarding the Hall of Fame, or to verify an investment history total, please contact Jackie Zaporowski (202-383-1029).

Jan. 11: State Deadline for National RPAC Fundraising Goal
States GADs – don’t forget to submit your 2023 National RPAC Fundraising Goals by January 11. Please note, in order to be eligible for 2023 NAR RPAC awards you must submit a National RPAC Fundraising Goal that is higher than the total amount raised in 2022. For questions regarding the goal, please contact Lauren Colicelli (202-383-1080).

NAR Research and Press Releases

Where are Homebuyers Moving?
With changing priorities and preferences, higher home prices, and a rapid increase in remote work, many Americans left central urban areas during the pandemic.
By: Nadia Evangelou | Matt Christopherson

Single-Family Home Prices Increase in 98% of 185 Metro Areas in Third Quarter of 2022
Forty-six percent of the metro markets posted double-digit annual price appreciation in Q3 2022 compared to 80% in Q2, and national median prices rose 8.6% year-over-year to $398,500.
By: Michael Hyman

Instant Reaction: Mortgage Rates, December 8, 2022

Housing affordability rose about 8% in the last 4 weeks as mortgage rates moved closer to 6%. If inflation continues to slow down, mortgage rates may stabilize near 6% in 2023.
By: Nadia Evangelou


Josh Dix
GAD Chair
Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS®

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GAD Nation!

As we approach the holiday season, it is important to value those we work closely with and our contributions to each other’s success. We all make each other better GADs. It is important to take a moment and recognize those who you owe your success to. Thank you!

As we close out 2022, we look forward to a busy 2023! We will introduce new members to our Halls of Congress, Statehouses, and Councils. We have municipal elections in many of our jurisdictions, zoning and land use battles, and an uncertain economy! We look forward to another host of challenges as we close this chapter.

GAD Institute planning continues and the GAD Advisory Group has an ambitious list of ideas for next year in Detroit! An item that we have been discussing is making the Institute a year-round learning experience. We are also working to schedule an All-GAD Call in January. We want to make these calls meaningful and provide value to the GADs. Please stay tuned for more details regarding the January call, but we have already confirmed that Shannon McGahn and Jon Waclawski will join us to discuss the new realignment of the organization. We have new staff contacts as leadership roles have changed. With this meeting, we want to provide an opportunity for NAR to share the vision of the new structure, how streamlining will enhance our GAD programs, and allow for the GAD community to ask questions. These resources are important to our 2023 initiatives, as they provide the tools for us to be successful back home.

Our approach to public policy is the Gold Standard for advocacy! With such a busy year ahead, we want to share the tools and resources that make us successful with more of the GAD community. Encourage others to participate. Challenge each other to attend these calls. The AG will accept the challenge to make these calls important for us all.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season! We look forward to working with this great community in 2023! Please let us know how we can best serve you.

Take care and talk soon!


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