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Bay East REALTORS® Mobilize on Short Notice to Fight Just-Cause Evictions

April 2019

California’s Bay East Association of REALTORS® had numerous reasons to oppose the city of Hayward’s proposed just-cause eviction ordinance, but less than a week to get an opposition campaign underway. Although the emergency legislation passed, support from the REALTOR® Party’s Advocacy Everywhere program helped raise awareness of the serious downsides of the ordinance and put City Hall on notice that REALTORS® are paying attention to all the housing and property rights policies coming to the table.

David Stark, Public Affairs Director of the 5,800-member association, explains that its philosophical stance on just-cause eviction stems from its belief that property owners should be able to do what they want with their property – including ending a lease. He notes that the members of the Hayward City Council had been under intense pressure from tenants-rights advocates, but, as he points out, the outcome has been short-sighted and detrimental to an already fraught housing situation. “Hayward is not far from Silicon Valley, and has a robust economy of its own, so the demand for housing is huge and spans a broad demographic — from tech executives to college students. Unfortunately, the city has a history of inhibiting development, and hasn’t adequately planned for the housing needs of its growing population. That failure to plan has created a crisis.”

“As a practical matter,” he continues, “we support affordable housing in many forms, but the just-cause eviction ordinance actually erodes the strength of rental housing. Property owners who own rental housing now must be concerned about this new limitation the city has imposed on their freedoms, and if they choose to sell or otherwise withdraw those units from the rental market, that will actually force rental prices up.” REALTORS® have to care about rental housing rules, he adds, because they directly affect families who are buying and selling homes, and the way REALTORS® do their jobs.

The Bay East Association of REALTORS®, together with the rest of the public, learned about Hayward’s proposed rental ordinance less than a week before it went to vote. Springing in to action, they designed a REALTOR® Party Mobile Alert text campaign, and a targeted email campaign: more than 175 messages of opposition were sent to the City Council in a 48-hour span.

Prior to the vote on the ordinance, 2019 Bay East Association President Nancie Allen testified before the City Council. In addition to citing the need for better planning and the additional burden of liability that the just-cause eviction requirement places on her members, she respectfully asked the Council to provide the public with more notice when such important issues come up in the future. Though the ordinance was passed, Stark points out that engaging members through Advocacy Everywhere was a big step in the right direction. “This has just been one chapter in a much longer story, in which the REALTOR® Party is going to be an important character,” he says. “I can’t say enough about working with the staff at the National Association of REALTORS®, and the incredible systems they’ve established. We were able to set up the robust campaign we needed in less than 90 minutes,” he adds, noting, “In the midst of these challenging issues, it’s nice to know we’ve got NAR behind us with resources and expertise.”

To learn more about how the Bay East Association of REALTORS® is protecting private property rights and safeguarding the region’s vulnerable rental housing market, contact Public Affairs Director David Stark at 925-730-4068.





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    yvonne morgan says

    Thank for your help. Many years ago , i lost a property when a tenant refused to move for 9 months . I was new in the investment business and the judge allowed her three appeals until i finally got a $9ooo judgment against her, but lost the property and never got the money because she was a family aid money . Instead of paying her rent she opted to have parties and not feed her children . I felt so bad at the time , while she owed me money not knowing about child protective services i bought groceries and dippers for her . All i am really saying is that the system is broken. Rent control and punishing Land lords is not the answer for the housing crises . I was young and offered housing to others to have a tax deduction for myself . It was a win win. Why discourage an entrepreneur from taking a risk to provide a tax shelter while this is tough enough to come up with money to buy and rent to fail . Lets face it , most people would not buy an investment home to rent out that provides housing to help the crises, if they did not get any benefit. If they keep making hard rules to punish us who are willing to risk our credit and finances in the hopes of profit or equity or rent to help in the future retirement plan the crises will only get worse, not better. Looking to more ideas for people to invest in extra housing is a better solution to encourage younger new investors and current owners of rentals too not sell but continue to rent to those who choose or cannot afford to buy.

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